5 tips from innovation experts for your startup

5 tips from innovation experts for your startup

Do you have a dream to open your own startup and head into the world of innovation? It’s time to put the plan into practice. This sector is experiencing a moment of unprecedented effervescence in Brazil. Foreign investors are eyeing national startups, incubators are eager for transformative ideas, and large companies have realized the importance of partnerships with the exponents of the new economy. «The past three years have been by far the best for the technology world in Brazil and Latin America,» says Anderson Thees, managing partner at Redpoint Ventures.

1 of 2 Participants exchanged experiences and pointed out ways – Photo: Disclosure / Mariana Pekin

Participants exchanged experiences and pointed out ways – Photo: Disclosure / Mariana Pekin

Thees was one of the speakers at the Tech Summit Brasil, an event promoted by Valor Econômico, Época Negócios and dnetc, sponsored by 99, which brought together some of the country’s greatest experts in technological innovation in business. We were there and gathered tips that they gave to those who want to create – or already have – a startup.

The most successful startups are usually those that bring innovative and practical solutions to the daily demands of people and companies. «It is clear that they are going to meet the customer; he is the focus», says Renata Zanuto, head of the Cubo innovation center. But it’s not worth it. «Never straying from the real problem you decided to tackle is what fuels innovation. Being constantly aware of consumer demands allows you to quickly understand what they need and create new solutions,» says Davi Miyake, Brazil’s director of Operations at 99.

That is the word of the moment in the universe of startups. Serendipity is, say, the happiness of «chance». In the universe of innovation, it would be those unexpected encounters with people in the sector that end up yielding projects, partnerships and new businesses. Incubators, coworkings and entrepreneurship centers are more than conducive environments for serendipity. Renata Zanuto gives the tip to give chance to «chance» in the world of startups: «Be willing to talk to the person next to you, listen to what they have to say, connect. Stay open to new ideas, methodologies and ways of working «.

2 of 2 Renata Zanuto, head of the Cubo innovation center – Photo: Disclosure / Mariana Pekin

Renata Zanuto, head of the Cubo innovation center – Photo: Disclosure / Mariana Pekin

Technological innovation is taking such a big step in Brazil that experts estimate that there will be a lack of specialized labor to supply future demand. «There are talents, but few. I believe that this will be one of the biggest bottlenecks that the technology industry will suffer in the coming years», says Eduardo Musa, founder of Yellow. Extra tip: companies are already in need of well-trained developers.

Yes, it exists, and there is no escape. «The tip I give is to be calm and resilient, and keep going. The process is bureaucratic, but not impossible and not insurmountable,» says Cristina Junqueira, co-founder of Nubank. And look, she has ownership in that matter. To put the first virtual bank on the Brazilian market online, it faced a marathon of even more complicated bureaucracies and full of regulations specific to the financial business sector.

When building your team, accept the challenge launched at the Tech Summit by social entrepreneur Eduardo Lyra, creator of the Gerando Falcões Institute: build bridges to integrate the peripheries into the innovation scenario. «Our great challenge is to take the extraordinary know-how of the companies that are making it happen and join with the talents of the favela», he says. «When we manage to unite these two worlds, we will have an explosion of innovation and we will solve the country’s major problems», he says.