5 tips for using the camera on the iPhone with iOS 7

Tire fotos enquanto filma no iPhone 5, 5c ou 5s com o iOS 7

Take photos while filming on iPhone 5, 5c or 5s with iOS 7

One of the functions used in iPhone and the Camera, and with the iPhone 5s and iOS 7, it has established itself as one of the best smartphone cameras in the world. But with all that, do you know how to use all the functions of the camera or just open and use it just to take pictures?

In this article, I’ll continue my iOS 7 tips and I’ll show you 5 tips to better use the iPhone’s camera with iOS 7. Simple tips, for basic use and using the native app Camera. For you to use our tips just have an iPhone with iOS 7 or 7.1 (update yours now!).

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1 – Open the camera with the iPhone on the locked screen


You can access the iPhone camera quickly even with the screen locked, just touch the right side below the screen and lift, like the arrow in the image above. Your camera will open with all functions, but you will not have access to the photos in your albums (for security reasons), but will have access to the photos taken in that session. Since iOS 5 there is already this function, but I met more than 5 people who did not know this function, so I put it as a tip.

2 – Take a photo with the + volume button, switch to video, square or panoramic photo with a simple movement and more …


Another tip that has been around for a long time, but there are a lot of people who don’t know, is that it is possible to “hit” the photo by pressing the + volume button, as in the image. Just press it and the photo is taken, doing the same function as the central button.

You can switch functions – Photo, Video, Slow motion, Pan, Square – just by sliding your finger from side to side, as shown in the image. That way they will alternate smoothly. It is also the only way to access these functions.

Another tip is for you to use the flash or HDR, just touch it up there, where it is written to activate these functions. If you tap on the icon that has a camera (override on the right) you will switch between the front and rear camera.

3 – Take photos with filters on iPhone with iOS 7


Since the appearance of Instagram, filters have become fashionable in “Selfie” or normal photography. On the iPhone with iOS 7 you can take photos with filters very easily, just touch the button shown in the image and choose the filter you want to use. To change the filter, touch the same place again. Remembering that you can edit the photos and include these filters later.

4 – Take photos while filming on iPhone 5, 5c or 5s with iOS 7

Take photos while filming on iPhone 5, 5c or 5s with iOS 7

This is a very good but little used function. It can be used in the following situation – I take a photo or film this scene? – Do both (only on iPhone 5, 5c or 5s), it’s very simple and the image is quality. Place the iPhone to shoot, and during the shoot tap the button pointed on the image, the iPhone will take pictures of the moment. Cool, huh?

5 – Zoom while filming or taking photos on iPhone with iOS 7


The last tip is also known, but little used. Zooming in on a photo or filming is very useful in the world of photography. To do this is simple, while filming or before, or even before the photos, make a pinch movement (separating your fingers) on the iPhone screen, and the zoom will be done on the screen. To zoom out, bring your fingers together.

Final considerations

As Apple itself has already reported, the most used camera for taking pictures in the world is the iPhone, so it is ideal that you know how to use all its powerful features. I hope you now know how to use everything from your camera on the iPhone with iOS 7.