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5 tips for saving fuel iOS apps

Mobile phones are increasingly common and necessary for us to perform our daily routines. No wonder thousands of applications are released every day for a variety of purposes.

And obviously, vehicles have not been forgotten in this market, especially when it comes to economics. Among the many application possibilities are some fuel-saving iOS apps that are well-known.

Want to know which ones they are? So keep reading this article.

Waze GPS & Live Traffic

Waze GPS & Live Traffic (AppStore Link) Developer: wazeCompatibility: (iPhone) (iPad) Category: Navigation ›TravelPrice: Free

How not to start talking about the famous Waze, one of the most commonly used apps to discover routes, track traffic and even discover speed cameras, can also help you save fuel. It has an option, which can be easily triggered in the settings, to show the price of fuels at the stations closest to you.

Alcohol or Gasoline, Boss?

Alcohol or Gasoline, Boss? (AppStore Link) Developer: Felipe CoutinhoCompatibility: (iPhone) (iPad in 2x mode) Category: Utilities ›TravelPrice: Free

It is an excellent application for those who have bi-fueled motor vehicles. With it, in addition to having access to the prices charged at gas stations, you can still calculate which type of fuel pays off most.

Fuelzee – Cheap Fuel

Fuelzee - Cheap Fuel (AppStore Link) Developer: Fuelzee Inc.Compatibility: (iPhone) (iPad) Category: Travel ›NavigationPrice: Free

Like other fuel-saving iOS apps, this one also shows prices at gas stations within 50 kilometers of you. In addition to the price, it also indicates the distance of each of the gas stations.


Octane (AppStore Link)

Octane is also an excellent option for those looking to save fuel. In addition to showing prices at the nearest stations, it also shows the values ​​of each fuel option available at each of the stations.


Carorama (AppStore Link)

This is an application that helps you save fuel in a way that goes far beyond simply stating cheaper prices. It allows you to control fuel consumption per mile driven while still maintaining the necessary maintenance that invariably interferes with fuel consumption on time.

Final Considerations

After all, if you can save on fuel, you will have more money available to invest in things that are more important to your vehicle, such as comfort equipment or even auto insurance, if you don't already have it, which is so important today. We hope that tips on fuel-saving iOS apps have helped.

By Jeniffer Elaina, from Smartia Seguros

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