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5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Notebook

Notebooks are portable computers, so they can be carried anywhere without difficulty. However, this is precisely why these devices often have a shorter life span than desktop computers. Therefore, we have to follow the particularities that can damage your life of these devices.

In addition, notebooks are simpler devices to be damaged as they can fall more easily or suffer from overheating. Precisely for this reason, we must improve our safety parameters and decrease the chance of these devices failing to work.

To help you with this, we've put together five things you should never do with your notebook.

5. Do not store the notebook with peripherals connected

Sometimes it may hit the laziness when you are thinking of storing your notebook, but always remember to remove all peripherals from the slots. Storing your notebook with accessories attached can often be a big problem, as over time, the jacks may wear out and become unusable.

Therefore, never store your device with anything connected. Unplug any cables that are connected before storing your precious one.

4. Storing the connected notebook in the backpack

Keeping your notebook on is never a good idea. First, your device can automatically warm up and shut down, causing you to lose any unsaved jobs. In addition, the hard drive will be in use and moving the backpack may cause internal memory malfunctions and lead to operating system failure.

In addition, overheating can cause worse consequences, such as a battery explosion or malfunction.

3. Access WiFi Public Networks

If you have important data on your notebook and prefer to keep that information confidential, it may not be a good idea to use public WiFi networks. Remember, public networks can open hacking access to your computer. Malicious individuals often create fake internet networks to steal user data.

2. Use original source

Although most notebooks have similar power connectors, it does not mean that chargers work at the same voltage. Therefore, using a charger that is not suitable for your notebook may cause the battery to malfunction and even burn it.

1. Never obstruct notebook air vents

It is very important that you never block the air vents of your notebook, either by placing it on a wooden table or under your lap. The vents should always be clear so that air circulates normally through the device and keeps the parts at a healthy temperature.

If possible, use a laptop stand, as these items create space between the surface and the device to maintain good cooling.