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5 Signs That You Should Try Linux

Are you a curious person? Self-taught? Like to keep up with the constant news in the world of technology? If the answer is YES, You are probably just a few steps away from finding your place in the world.

Linux Inside

Have you had the feeling of not being in the right place because of your way of thinking?

A traditional Linux user known for this, think. It is very common to find references on the internet from "why use linux"The sense of community participation is inexplicably magical when it comes to using any of the many Penguin-based distributions.

For many people using Linux and free software much more than a choice, it becomes a philosophy of life, often based on very noble foundations as the ever-continuing idea of ??sharing knowledge with others.

Today we will meet 5 clear signs You need to try Linux to be happier with yourself.

Top 5 Symptoms That Show You Will Be Happier Using Linux

Woman sneezing

Don't be sad about the flu, raise your head because your nose is running.

This famous phrase by Rogrio Franco can give us a good lesson, after all, just sit back and complain that it's bad, I need to get up and change. That a, always onwards!

Those who are in close contact with the computer must surely have spent some of their valuable hours of life maintaining the machine, estimated that a human life has about 650,000 hours, hours of which I do not intend to spend doing disk defragmentation. and virus removal.

If you feel that way too, BINGO! We come to the first symptom.


No use running away, sooner or later he (Windows) will catch you, at that crucial moment you need to start the system to finish the urgent spreadsheet that was to be delivered yesterday, your windows will not allow booting because the will his "installing system updates" will be stronger than yours to be able to deliver his work, already late, time.


Assuming your computer turns on and off when you want it, not when him wish, there is still that ever-present worry, VRUS, VRUS EVERYWHERE!

If you have a dilemma in your head such as "Is my computer without viruses or the antivirus not detecting the intrusion", this is a sign that You must try Linux!


Okay, no one likes to feel "used", but the reality of the market is that, behind all good intentions of any company there is always a key factor, the PROFIT.

One company will only offer you a product or service while they have been profitable for it, maybe Orkut's death recently is a good example, companies like Microsoft and Apple use heavy marketing to convince you that life is not possible without their own. products, and once you are inside the ecosystem it becomes difficult to leave.

And once the company has profited enough from the product they come up with a new one so you have to "run after technology" again, a good example of this is the release of new versions of Windows.

In contrast, the Linux community always accommodates people to the best of their ability, each responsible for the path they want to take, which districts, environments, and software they want to use, and if a project ever threatens to run out of funds or their own will developer it can easily be rehabilitated by others who are interested in the software continuing.


Operating System Updates

I can't believe I'm so outdated, came out version I have installed version! It can not be!

If you always want all the latest software, buddy, you definitely need to try Linux.

If you like Microsoft Office for example, wouldn't it be nice if Office 2007 upgraded to 2010 without you having to pay anything? Would it be in? This is what happens with Libre Office in the Linux distros and it looks like it's ONE of MANY examples.

Most interestingly you can have control over the versions you want to use and sometimes you can even merge the versions of the same program without much effort.

On Linux the updates are constant and not only desktop programs, which in itself would be excellent, but also security updates.

Computer programs invariably suffer from bugs and even cyber attacks, however, most Linux security issues are resolved in a matter of hours by developers and patches are made available to users through system updates.


Desktop customization is important to you? If so this is another sign that you need to try Linux.

Do it yourself!

If you change wallpapers or add themes and icons (maybe a dock?) In Windows is no longer enough for you, as besides making the system heavier you simply can't put your artistic side into practice.

This was another sign that you should try Linux.

Linux distributions have several different graphical interfaces, some extremely customizable like KDE, which allow you to change the position, shape, and appearance of each interface item.

Also you can change interfaces if you want, want something like Mac OSX? D to do. Want something just like Windows? D to do. Want to create a unique layout for your desktop? You can do it!

The limit is your imagination … and maybe, well, your internet connection … but that's it! 😉

Try sneaking up on our icon themes session to get you an idea, quickly and s click here.


I think in the end, just the fact that you are reading the article up to this point demonstrates one more sign that you should try Linux, However, there is still a fifth motive, which I consider to be one of the most important.

Mutual learning

Did you ever need to ask someone for advice and besides the good advice did the person give you a lot of tips for your problem? That's very cool, isn't it?

One of the things that happens quite often in Linux communities is that you find people who are experts in the most different areas of technology.

If experts recommend Linux, why not test n?

Often you need help, ask for help in solving your problem and the person besides helping you with your difficulty still points to several useful ways for you to follow. This is my friend what we call the active community.

A person with a desire to learn about computer science will be in a state of misuse using Linux, yet simply by learning to handle a new face of technology, a person who uses Linux is constantly learning if he wants to.

Every day, I said ALL, there's news going on in the Linux world, projects being created, features being implemented, and as I mentioned earlier, it's not unusual to find people with ideas similar to yours who might even join forces to get that project out of your drawer.

Linux, instigates learning, for example, if when trying to understand why we use Ext4 as the default file format on most systems you are an attuned person, quite possibly you fall into articles that explain how file systems work, how files work. hard drives among other things.

And you know what is cool, if you are not the kind of "studious" person on the contrary, the lack of this technical knowledge will not make the slightest difference to the use of the system.

I know you want me …

I bet you're at least trying to try Linux after all that you've read, so if you're a novice it's up to me to indicate a simple path, a golden brick path if you prefer, for your triumphant entry into the Linux world.

Well, before saying goodbye, I commented that Diolinux has a YouTube channel? We regularly post videos about Linux and technology issues, here is my invitation to let you know our work there.

See you next time, good luck on your new journey! =)

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