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5 Service and Game Apps to Boost Your New Smartphone

It is impossible to imagine a world without Smartphones today and along with them we have numerous Apps for many different functions. I will list here five Apps of some services and games that will make your daily life happier, either by providing services, productivity or fun.

One thing that mobile apps do to shorten the time spent on things that required many hours and patience a few years ago. The main apps to download on a new phone, in my opinion, should be those that optimize your time and have fun too, especially when you need to wait for something. Remembering that I tried to make a very different list here, without optimizers or Apps that everyone installs, such as Facebook, among others of the same kind.

Here are 5 free and foolproof tips! You can separate the space on the new phone:

1 – OrdersJ

J App Requests

Available for Android and iOS, the food and beverage delivery app is very popular across all age groups. The main factor is the variety of options available, even vegan food! Be sure to try it, you can't go wrong.

2 – Uber

Uber App

Even in cities where it has not yet been fully regulated, it works and has pleased both drivers who use it as an extra job, as well as customers who enjoy customer care, ease of access and organization of the app. Also for Android and iOS.

3 – Nubank

Nubank App

It's a service that I like very much. A modern credit card that is not tied to any bank and works solely via the application. You can take the statement daily, format the billet in the amount you want and talk to the administration all through the app. Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

4 – We Care

We care

It offers differentiated service over automobiles such as red tape, recalls, winch, buy and sell, fines and more. All in one place, it simplifies the life of every car or motorcycle owner. This one has for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

5 – 99 Lives

99 Lives An app that will completely please the nostalgic of the games in which they beat the opponent. With many pop references dating back to the 80's and 90's, the app has 6 stages for now and 4 playable characters. Online and offline. Android, Mac, Windows and Linux, have for almost all systems. It has PC version too and there is a gameplay on the channel.


Of course there are a lot of other apps that you can call "essential" and it will all depend on your user profile, but these are some that I think can really make your daily life "lighter" and practical.

See you next time!

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