5 reasons why you should try WeChat

5 reasons why you should try WeChat

THE WeChat is a messenger known in Brazil, but little used. In China, the application has already reached 480 million users since its launch, becoming one of the most used in the country. We tested WeChat for 3 days and decided to separate 5 points that caught our attention. Find out what they are in the article below.

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Currently, all messaging services have a connection function so that they are not swallowed by the Whatsapp, which recently announced the news to its users. WeChat already had the video call feature for about 2 years and recently received an update that added support for voice calls. I was able to test the service on 4G and Wi-Fi and, I confess that I was surprised by the quality of the call. However, the quality of the call may vary according to the region in which the user is, and also with the signal strength provided by the operator.

When a call is made to a particular contact, you can perform other tasks while keeping the call active in the background. If the user is not using a headset, the call will be made through the speakerphone mode when placed in the background, which can be an inconvenience in most cases.

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WeChat is practically a social network, with games, a timeline and a function to share the user’s location. The resource «Look around«works like a flirting app, locating users who also use WeChat. You can add a contact who has been found by this feature, however, the conversation will start after the other user confirms your friend request. feed news and updates «My moments«, displays updates from status and allows the publication of images and texts, which are displayed to other users on your network.

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You do not need to disclose your phone number to add a contact on WeChat. You can provide your ID (nickname or email), create your QR Code or create a numeric identification PIN for your profile. All adjustments are available in the app’s privacy option, which also sets the visibility of features like «Look around» and «My moments«. The user also has the option to activate friend requests, making messages less invasive.

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WeChat is customizable in many ways. The application comes with some wallpapers, which can be set separately for each selected conversation. The «Stickers«they are animated figures that can be downloaded for free through the in-app store, the conversations are funnier and receive an extra touch of personalization, going beyond conventional emoticons.

wechatpicture Stickers on WeChat make conversations more lively. / © ANDROIDPIT

WeChat Web

THE WeChat Web was one of the last functions added to the app, and has received minor refinements since then. To access the browser version of WeChat, simply access this address: https://wx.qq.com and scan the QR Code through the option «Use WeChat Web«in the application settings. Conversations are synchronized between the computer and your Android device. On the WeChat website there is the option to download and install the messenger on the computer, which will request the scanning of the QR Code as in the Web version.

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WeChat behaved satisfactorily in all everyday situations. The messages are delivered quickly and there was no slowness or warm-up during the use of the application. The features presented in the application, such as calls, animated emoticons and privacy options, proved to be very competent. I could not put as a negative point the low acceptance to use WeChat, since this is a common problem for any messenger alternative to the most used. However, the application has received few updates with major news in recent years, a factor that can be crucial in the race for the most used application in the world.

So, have you used or used WeChat on your Android device? Tell us about your experience with the application.