5 reasons why you should not buy a smartphone in the month of its launch

5 reasons why you should not buy a smartphone in the month of its launch

You wait for that smartphone for so long, follow news abroad and here on AndroidPIT, and look forward to having yours, with all the budget programmed. So, as soon as it is released here or on foreign lands, you run to buy. Is that right? Let’s give you some reasons to think carefully before doing this.

Price drop

I think that is the main reason we can give, but we have other cards up our sleeve. If this already happens abroad, here in Brazil Android smartphones are almost certain to drop in price after a while.

AndroidPIT LG G6 Hands on MWC 2017 5805

LG G6, one of the best examples of price drop after a short time / © NextPit

Sometimes it only takes a few days for the official price to plummet, but it is usually after a month that you start to see good prices appear. The difference is so great that it can reach 30% in the case of more expensive devices, such as line tops.

Brands like LG and Motorola, but also others like Samsung, tend to have a good price drop in a month, but if you have a little more patience, you may see even bigger drops in three months. Read what we talked about: buying a device at launch is losing money.

Native bugs

Here we have one more good reason to wait for your purchase. The devices are thoroughly tested before being released, never doubt it. To be sold in the Brazilian market, it is mandatory that they undergo various tests and evaluations, including to obtain the Anatel seal.

However, none of these tests compare to the simultaneous and frequent use of thousands of people. At such times, hidden bugs appear and worry manufacturers and more consumers who paid for the product.

As they are bugs, they can often be easily resolved with software and application updates, but when you buy a device, it is expected to come out of the box ok, right? To get closer to that certainty, it is better to wait for the bugs to appear and be fixed.

Reviews that show reality

We don’t want to pull the sardine to our side, but complete and quality reviews like the ones produced on AndroidPIT bring much more information than the product’s advertisement shows. Not that all products are bad, but often expecting an in-depth analysis helps you understand whether the device is right for you or not.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy s8 vs xiaomi mi 6 6890

Who doesn’t appreciate a battle of publishers and smartphones? / © NextPit

Reading different reviews helps to corroborate your hopes or change your mind about the product, in addition to providing more concrete data on performance, screen, design, battery and many other information. And most realistic analyzes take at least a couple of weeks to come out. Better to wait, right?

May undergo improvements or corrections

In this regard, just remember the Moto G5. It was pretty cool when it finally hit the market, right? But what when, months later, the Moto G5S appeared, costing the same thing, but bringing a dual camera and other improvements?

To avoid problems like this, be cautious and wait a month before buying a cell phone and keep an eye out for rumors of other launches can avoid disappointment. In addition to new devices, the manufacturer may add components to the box or place a batch without a problem for sale.

AndroidPIT Motorola Moto G5s 9925

Moto G5S, better and for the same price / © NextPit

You are a beta tester

Overall, we realized that when you buy a device in the first month of launch, you’re practically a Beta tester. Not only from the device, where bugs and possible defects may arise, but also from the market, as purchases in the first weeks indicate whether the pricing is correct.


But does that all mean you shouldn’t REALLY buy a smartphone as soon as it comes out? No, but this article serves as a guide to stop and think about the pros and cons before making your best purchase.

And, if you buy your smartphone as soon as it is released, or even in a pre-sale, you will be doing it consciously. And that’s what matters to us at AndroidPIT.

Do you usually buy smartphones as soon as they are released?