“5 reasons why iPad Pro could be your next computer”

Apple: “5 reasons why iPad Pro could be your next computer”

Apple just ran a commercial entitled “5 reasons why iPad Pro can be your next computer”.

Discover the new iPad Pro. It’s powerful, versatile and goes anywhere and stays connected anywhere, and it’s even better with the brand new Apple Pencil. It’s like a computer, just different from any computer.

There is not even much to talk about the commercial itself, another exquisite one with editing and sensational animations. Nobody also denies that the iPad Pro in terms of hardware capabilities is incredible.

The problem with the iPad, whether Pro or not, is still in the software. IOS has come a long way to reach the stage it is in today, but although it is completely complete with iPhones in mind, it still must in some ways when we think of the iPad, in fact, being used as a primary computer.

Yes, today it already meets the needs of many people. Lots of. But, for Apple to be able to keep the argument brought up by today’s commercial standing, iOS 13 really needs to come with a lot focused on professional work with the iPad. We need a jump like that.