5 reasons why I would buy the Lenovo Vibe A7010 without a second thought!

What kind of information does a (good) smartphone box bring?

It is difficult to give credibility to the manufacturers recently landed in Brazil.

Several users doubted the quality of Quantum GO, the debut launch of the Quantum brand in the country, frequently questioned about the device’s manufacturing process by Positivo.

Now, with Lenovo, the situation is similar: a new brand in the smartphone segment.

Is it worth giving credit to the Vibe A7010?


Above-average set of specifications

Whether for games, productivity or entertainment, the Vibe A7010 is a device that has enough specifications to not let any user down.

The device’s specs are above average for its price range, just like Asus’ Zenfone 2.

The Lenovo Vibe A7010 offers 2 GB of RAM, powerful processor and 32 GB of storage.

In addition to being able to run several apps in the background, the Lenovo user interface is one of the lightest I have been able to test.

The Vibe UI, as it is called, has fluid animations, useful features and can be fully customized by the user without affecting the final performance of the device.

lenovovibeasphaltreview The processing and fluidity of the Lenovo Vibe A7010 are its strengths.



Rear camera competes on an equal footing

The rear camera of the Lenovo Vibe A7010 competes on an equal footing with its market competitors, such as the Zenfone 2, Moto X Play and Moto G Turbo Edition.

In some cases, in direct comparison with the Moto G Turbo, for example, the Vibe A7010 delivers considerably superior results.

The main sensor of the Lenovo Vibe A7010 camera has 13 megapixels and takes pictures with good light exposure regardless of the environment, maintaining color fidelity and balanced contrast.

The device’s camera software is another point worth mentioning.

The camera app on the Vibe A7010 has no delays and does a great job of post-processing, maintaining image quality and clarity.

I take a lot of into consideration the practicality when shooting, I appreciate the balance between quality and agility when making a click.

One more point in favor of the Vibe A7010.

cameralenovovibereview The Lenovo Vibe A7010 camera is fast and of excellent quality.



Sound quality that surprises

The Vibe A7010 doesn’t just stand out for having a speaker with Dolby audio technology.

In fact, the sound and immersion experience are the strengths of this device.

For games, the Lenovo Vibe A7010 delivered a very interesting sound experience.

Another feature worth mentioning is the support offered by the device to the Hi-Fi format.

For those who are familiar with this term, devices that support high-definition sound make use of stereo to reproduce audio, that is, the sound emitted is uniform on both sides of the headset or speakers.

In addition, the response frequency of the Vibe A7010 is one of the highest on the market, with excellent noise reduction and few distortions.

I was able to verify this quality even during the calls: the audio is clean, clear and the noise reduction is great.

In particular, I do not give up listening to music with good audio quality during the day, so in this regard, the Vibe A7010 is at the top of my list.

dolbyatmoslenovovibereview The Lenovo Vibe A7010 features Dolby audio technology with great sound fidelity / © ANDROIDPIT


Another intermediate smartphone with biometric sensor

No, the biometric sensor is no longer a luxury restricted to high-end devices.

Thanks to the Lenovo Vibe A7010, this feature has just arrived for another device in the intermediate segment, the Galaxy S5 mini had already brought the option before.

Another interesting point of this function in the Vibe A7010 is its versatility, that is, you don’t need to learn how to use it, just touch your finger on the sensor from any position to unlock the device’s screen.

It is possible to register additional digital files that make using the device more comfortable.

It may not be such an important feature for some users, but it is still a good alternative for those who like to test technological innovations.

During my tests, in addition to being practical, the sensor proved to be very fast for the screen unlocking function.

lenovovibesensordigital The Lenovo Vibe A7010 sensor is fast and versatile.



FullHD screen with good color reproduction

In this respect, the Lenovo Vibe A7010 stole the scene from the Moto G series.

Consider: what good is a device offering a good quality camera, sound experience and above average processing, if you don’t have a screen with good resolution available, right? This is the popular «ensemble of the work».

For the price paid, in fact, it would be unfair to have a model that costs 1,300 reais with HD screen.

This is one of the great advantages of the Lenovo Vibe A7010.

Lenovo, apparently, has not given up any feature to make the screen of your device sharp and with good color reproduction.

No low quality panels or «capped» features.

Color reproduction is true to reality and the viewing angle is excellent.

teaserlenovovibereview The Lenovo Vibe A7010 FullHD screen is sharp and has great colors.


These are the reasons that would make me buy the Lenovo Vibe A7010.

Now, I want to know what yours are? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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