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5 Reasons to Download a Parental Control App on a Children's Cell Phone

We adults already have the habit of spending hours in front of the phone every day. But this habit has also become increasingly common in the routine of children and adolescents, especially those born in this context. A recent AppGuardian app study shows that kids spend an average of 5.7 hours a day on their smartphones, Monday through Thursday. At weekends, this time rises 20%, reaching 6.9 hours.

So how can adults control the use of mobile devices in children's daily lives? A good alternative is to bet on your own technology and install a parental control app. With that in mind, positive parenting educator Luiza Mendona has set aside seven reasons for having such a platform on her son's cell phone. See below.


1. Block any kind of explicit content.

To protect children and adolescents from possible cybercrime, technology can help. Several apps for iOS and Android automatically block any kind of inappropriate content, such as pornographic websites. Most tools have a search filter that bar any explicit language and use a feature called SafeSearch, which allows you to block pornographic images, videos and websites, and to bar search results on search engines such as Google.

2. Know your favorite games and youtubers

One way to connect with your child is to be aware of the digital news he likes, such as knowing what his favorite games are, the videos he likes to watch, among other contents. With parental control, you can check the time the child spends on each app of the phone.

3. Organize the digital routine

School, homework, outdoor games, time with friends and family, extra activities. It seems not, but the kids also have a lot of commitments, and reconciling all this with the mobile phone in hand may not be easy task. Some apps make it possible to organize the usage routine and time control on the small screens, which have the Screen Time and Usage Routine features. With them, caregivers are able to determine how long they want their children to stay in front of the small screen by choosing access to specific apps or the mobile phone as a whole.

4. Avoid technological dependence

By controlling usage and setting mobile phone times, parents help to prevent their children from having technological dependence, a problem that is common in small children who are 100% digital. It is ideal to define how long your child is on the phone with him so that the child understands the importance of establishing a healthy routine.

5. Talk to your child

Parental control apps can be a great help in setting the time kids and teens will spend in front of their mobile and tablet screens and can even help the family spend more time together away from technology. Most importantly, control helps to connect parents with their children. “The goal is that the cell phone itself facilitates the daily lives of families, allowing parents more peace of mind when dealing with their children's digital routine. We know that this generation has already been born connected and finding balance is not easy. Therefore, nothing better than technology to help parents connect with their children, ”explains Mendona.