5 puzzle games for Android that will challenge your thinking

Conheça Monument Valley e outros quatro memoráveis títulos no melhor estilo quebra-cabeça para a plataforma Android.

Are you a fan of puzzle games? Check out a list of five highlights of this style already available for Android devices.

The gender puzzle (from English puzzle games) is among the types of games most sought after by mobile enthusiasts and players. This passion of much of the public for entertainment products that require logical thinking ranges from modified versions of the classic Tetris to «Clones» of popular candy Crush Saga – going through games that use puzzles to tell stories or subvert expectations in curious ways.

We tested a wide range of games of the genre and chose five titles that most called our attention to the Android platform. The questions of diversity, originality and quality were used as a starting point to prepare this interesting selection of experiences that encompass both games to “kill” your free time and complex narratives developed from puzzles.


How much playing time is the investment in a paid game worth? Gorogoa is a short game – on average between one and two hours – but it lives up to the molds of minimalism, delivering a lot with little and culminating in a visually pleasing, narratively touching and mechanically challenging experience.

The narrative unfolds through colorful and geometric animations that emphasize points of interest in the figures. Through the enlargement, rotation, overlapping and fitting of the images formed in four quadrants of the screen, we can promote interactions that generate a new scenario of challenges and reveal, scene by scene, a dramatic life story. The game is also available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Mac.

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Monument Valley

The first Monument Valley, launched in 2014, was one of the pioneers in its style in the field of games exclusively developed for mobile platforms. It is a game in an isometric perspective with beautiful colored and symmetrical visuals with a hint of narrative open to interpretation. The game had such a positive impact on the mobile gaming community that it ended up receiving a sequel in 2017.

Vivid colors, geometric shapes, minimalism and a challenging puzzle with each new phase of Monument Valley.

Vivid colors, geometric shapes, minimalism and a challenging puzzle with each new phase of Monument Valley.

In Monument Valley, the main challenges in terms of puzzle they are the rotation of structures on different axes and the repositioning of objects. The game character must reach points of interest by moving in a straight line and along paths without bifurcations, and the isometric perspective allows us to connect physically impossible regions with simple rotations of the platforms. The game is also on sale for smartphone users of Apple.

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Bridge Constructor Portal

Particularly my favorite puzzle game, Portal it was an absolute success of critics and audiences in 2007, becoming an instant classic. At that time, however, the mobile gaming market was not yet on the rise. Bridge Constructor Portal was launched for smartphones many years later and was inspired by what is one of the biggest games of its kind.

Mechanics are basically what we find in Bridge Constructor, where the objective is to create bridges from one side of the phase to the other, fulfilling some requirements. THE crossover has 60 phases and is full of references to puzzle game Valve – including the bizarre narration. Some gimmicks (specifics in the gameplay) were also inherited and transposed to the 2D mobile reality of the game – which unites these two experiences and makes them very interesting.

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Old Man’s Journey

A collection of misfortunes, joys, successes and regrets in the life of an elderly man, Old Man’s Journey is premised on a more reflective narrative and a more contemplative setting, but don’t forget to tell your stories by adding a little variety through the puzzles. heads.

Here the terrains and landscapes where the experienced elderly man walks can be elevated or «shrunk», allowing the reliefs to connect in an organic and walkable way. As in Monument Valley, the character automatically moves to the next scenario – as long as his path is clear and safe. The challenges are simple, but your narrative is very touching.

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Lara Croft GO

The mobile game of one of the most celebrated heroines in the world of video games is a turn-based strategy game, but the presence of puzzles with levers, scalable walls and platforms are also part of the experience. The series treasure hunter tomb Raider unveil again the mysteries of a set of mysterious caves, where wild creatures and a mystical sleeping monster inhabit.

Some stages in Lara Croft GO present extra challenges with limited turns while others value the collection of optional items. The game requires concepts such as spatial object manipulation and shift management. Every action in combat happens right after we move towards an enemy. Dealing with positioning and predicting opponents’ movements are also part of this puzzle that resembles a mix of chess with Tetris.

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More puzzle game recommendations

The five games representing style puzzle selected are very distinct from each other, focus on experiences single player and go well beyond just delivering challenges that require a resolution logic. But there are many other games recommended for those who enjoy this style: The Room, Two Dots, the games of Professor Layton series, Unblock Me, Cut the Rope, UFO Part Time, among others. Choose your favorite and put your brain to burn some neurons!