5 lugares para jogar Pokémon GO em Fortaleza

5 places to play Pokémon GO in Fortaleza

5 lugares para jogar Pokémon GO em Fortaleza

Check out 5 places to play Pokémon GO in Fortaleza. Safe environments, with Wi-Fi and several gyms and pokéstops. check out

The phenomenon Pokémon GO is causing a real revolution. Day after day I see people leaving home to play games, making appointments with friends and organizing outings to hunt Pokémon.

Going out hunting little monsters is the premise of the game, however, we live in Brazil, and it wouldn‚Äôt be cool to leave the house to play and face a ‚Äėbulbasalto‚Äô.

We have already shown in this list 5 places to play Pokémon GO in São Paulo, and today we will show more 5 places in Fortaleza, where you can play without worrying about Team Rocket.

The selected places have security, pokestops and gyms, some even have free Wi-Fi and almost always roll lure modules, that is, they are the perfect places for hunting.

Luiza T√°vora Square (Ceart)

Luiza T√°vora Square (Photo: Reproduction / Julian Leno)

THE Luiza Távora Square, popularly known as Ceart, as it houses the Handicraft Center of Ceará, it is an excellent place to hunt Pokémon. The environment has police security all day, at night, the square is well lit, and what matters most: there is a gym on site and 04 pokestops.

Poliwag waiting to be captured

Ceart is located on Avenida Santos Dumont, 1589 in Aldeota.

Public ride

THE Martyrs Square, also known as Public ride, is the oldest square in Fortaleza, so it is a more than mandatory stop for those who want to hunt monsters and to break to know a cultural heritage of the city.

The Public Promenade is always like this, full of Lures

It‚Äôs okay that the Passeio P√ļblico has only 3 pokestops, but let me tell you the advantages of the place. It is a wooded environment, with several benches for greater comfort (it‚Äôs a square, duh), it has police during the day (don‚Äôt even think about visiting the place at night), free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

Oh, and because he is in a place where a large number of people circulate, he is always like this: full of lures, and many Pokémon. By far, it is my favorite place.

sea ‚Äč‚Äčshore

Hunting Pokémon in such a wonder, who doesn’t want to?

The waterfront in Fortaleza is the best known place in the city, by tourists, and a great point to catch Pok√©mon and ¬ęfarm¬Ľ items, given the large amount of pokestops along the way. Take the opportunity to hatch eggs and collect many items, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the place.

But wait, what is farming?

Ah, for those unfamiliar with the term, farming means collecting a lot of items.

This practice is common in RPG games, where the player needs items to evolve his character or to use during his gameplay. Destiny, Ingress and Pokémon GO are examples of games where farming is essential.


Unifor, University of Fortaleza, is by far the best structured place to play. It has a huge campus, free Wi-Fi, countless pokestops and gyms, several snack bars and even restaurants, as well as lures all the time.

It is the ideal place to farm items, capture little monsters, hatch eggs, all with safety and tranquility. After all, the university has already declared that its doors are open to players. It is definitely the best place for you to play, and if you have children, take them for a pleasant stroll.

This is just the entry of Unifor

Shopping Iguatemi

Photo taken during the 1st Pokécaça in Iguatemi (Photo: Reproduction / Iguatemi Fortaleza)

Located practically next to the Uniform, The Shopping Iguatemi Fortaleza is our last stop in Fortaleza to hunt for Pokémon. It has 5 pokestops, free Wi-Fi, and is one of the biggest malls in the city, so be careful who you are going to take there, otherwise you will end up spending more than just pokeballs.

Jokes aside, Iguatemi is one of the players‚Äô favorite places for having an air-conditioned, pleasant and safe environment. The mall itself took advantage of the game‚Äôs hype, and periodically organizes ¬ęPok√©ca√ßas¬Ľ. Events where the 5 points stay with lures sponsored by the establishment, for a specified time.

In addition, you can still take pictures with Pikachu.

Did you like the tips ?! Where do you like to play? Comment.