OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 reaches its fourth beta [atualizado]

5 new apps for OS X Yosemite that are worth taking a look at

Yesterday, just after the release of OS X Yosemite, we highlight some application updates on the Mac App Store which brought compatibility with Apple's new desktop operating system. But in addition to these updates, some new ones have emerged that, without a doubt, are worth highlighting.

Check out our selection:

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What does the official Tumblr app do? Two things. Two fascinating things.

  1. He goes to Tumblr, and only to Tumblr. You can even put it in full screen, so that the computer displays 0% non-Tumblr content.
  2. It allows you to post to Tumblr from almost anywhere on your Mac. If a window has a steel button, you can share things from that window to Tumblr.

    that a!

It basically takes a lot of advantage of the new Extenses feature and allows you to publish something on Tumblr in a very simple and easy way.

Monity app icon

An advanced monitoring system widget for OS X Yosemite. Monity takes its place in the new (tab) Today of OS X Yosemite (in the Notification Center) and only oversees the component statistics for you. Having an eye on system information and network usage without fumbling with large and uncomfortable symbols in the menu bar like never before has been easier.

System information, memory usage (RAM), network activity, battery status and internal / external disks. Everything in the Notification Center.

Brightness Widget app icon

Adjust the brightness of the screen easily, and beyond normal limits. The Brightness Widget allows you to quickly change the brightness of the monitor through the "Today" tab of the Notification Center. Or use the classic menu icon that works just like the volume slider you're familiar with.

This is not new, but the update has practically turned it into another application as it can now be used as a widget in the Notification Center.

Parcel app icon

With this app you have quick access to tracking information for 230 delivery services, including post offices, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, DPD and many other postal services.

Other than the new one, but we never commented here on the site.

In particular, I use Chegou ?, made by friends of made @ sampa. Their OS X app, however, has only one purpose: to add the order to your computer so that it appears on your iGadgets (through iCloud).

If you don't have an iPad or iPhone / iPod touch and want to view the delivery information for your orders on the Mac, Parcel is a great option as the new version is also fully integrated with the Notification Center.

Sorry, app not found.

Get personalized live scores and information about your favorite teams and players with the Yahoo Sports widget for OS X.

Not available on the Brazilian Mac App Store, Yahoo Sports is indispensable for American football, baseball and international football fans. In it we can see information about the following leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, in addition to the first divisions of the English, Spanish, Italian and German football championships, the Champions League and more!