5 Linux Terminal courses for you!


Now that you’ve lost your fear of the Linux terminal, it’s time to take a step further and use all the potential it offers as a tool for control, automation and even fun, why not?

What will you learn if you take the course?

Absolutely everything about Shell Script, besides using the Vim editor with ease. Commands for editing files via the command line with Sed, and also learn how to manipulate specific data from files with Regular Expressions.

There are more than 60 videos, more scripts, programs, PDF handouts and more!

PayPal has made some discounts available to us and we will pass these discounts on to you!

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, create it now and split it in 10x or pay with the boleto!

And take advantage of this Big Promotion of 5 Courses so that you can download all content to your computer:

  • Beginner to Advanced Shell Script Course – Where you will learn the essentials, in addition to manipulating databases and using Shell Script for Web.

Price: R $ 39.90. More details at: terminalroot.com.br/bash

  • Vim Editor Course – You will learn how to customize Vim, for example being able to map any key to respond as you wish.

Price: R $ 29.90 More details at: terminalroot.com.br/vim

  • Extremely Advanced Course in Shell Script Bash – For creating animations, installers of distros, games and much more, as already commented in this article:

Price: R $ 174.90 More information at: terminalroot.com.br/shell

  • Sed Full Course – Flow Editor – For text manipulation via command line> Value: R $ 29.99 More details: terminalroot.com.br/sed
  • Full Course of Regular Expressions – To select and specific data in different programming languages, servers, editors and word processors, database etc. Value: 34.80 More information: terminalroot.com.br/regex/

HOWEVER, as there is no kidding here when it comes to promotion, now, in a partnership between Diolinux and Terminal Root, you can take all 5 courses for only R $ 99.00!

How can you buy?

In fact, very simply. All course material will be sent to you by e-mail, so just purchase through official site.

After that, just wait for the receipt of the material, if you have any questions, contact Marcos directly at terminalroot.com.br/promo.

Stay tuned to the blog and the Diolinux channel, as we will probably raffle off some complete courses for our readers and subscribers soon!

To the next!

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