5 lightweight games for Android and iOS (Spend your free time playing the best!)

5 lightweight games for Android and iOS (Spend your free time playing the best!)

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Mobile games are great allies in everyday life, after all, with them you can have fun anywhere or just spend time. But, many people complain about one thing: some games for Android and iOS are heavy, which makes them not run properly.

If you face these problems often, know that you can work around them, just download light games for Android and iOS. Below, we list 5 main options to download and have on your smartphone. Meet!

Light games

1. Stranger Things The Game

As its name implies, this is a game based on Stranger Things, from Netflix, and borrows from the series an environment inspired by the 80s, in which the story is told.

Therefore, the game’s atmosphere is nostalgic, with well-made retro graphics. The game takes place in Hawkins and puts the gamer in the shoes of Sheriff Hopper, at least initially. Then, the player can take on the role of children, such as Eleven.

It is an RPG-style game with an isometric view, very reminiscent of those from the Super Nintendo, such as The Legend of Zelda. Excellent option for fans of the series and nostalgic 80s.

Stranger Things The Game has no disadvantages, only positive points like being free, presenting good variability of scenarios, long campaign (that is, there is a lot of game ahead), simple interface and usability, in addition to excellent performance.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular smartphone games in the world. It is a franchise of games in which the player must throw angry birds at enemies, destroy scenarios and achieve the proposed objectives, such as recovering stolen eggs.

The traditional version of the application is already lightweight, but if you prefer, you can download Angry Birds Lite, which is a compact option (has fewer levels) and therefore takes up less space on your phone.

In addition to the classic edition, the app won other commemorations, such as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds: Stella. So there is no shortage of excellent options for downloading to your phone.

Among the main advantages of the franchise is the free game, in addition to the simple gameplay and high entertainment capacity. Regarding the disadvantages, small game crashes stand out.

Light games

3. Helix Jump

Helix Jump is an addictive game that tests coordination and reasoning. Your objective is to pass a ball between platforms, bouncing it and without touching red parts.

Interestingly, the player cannot control the ball, only the rotation of the platforms, which makes the game a little more difficult, making it more challenging. The more the ball falls, the more points are scored.

Although the task may seem extremely simple, the game gets more complicated with obstacles that arise, but this is something that makes the game more interesting, taking it out of the routine.

Helix Jump has the advantages of an eye-catching design, simple gameplay and excellent performance. In the list of disadvantages there is only one: it displays many advertisements.

4. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plant vs Zombies 2 is a fun fighting game between plants and zombies. In it, the player must strategically place plants to eliminate different types of zombies that appear.

But, why download the second game in the franchise and not the first? Simple: it has more scenarios and more plants, zombies and functions, which increases the complexity of the game.

This is a game with simple and fun gameplay, nice graphics and several functions. Regarding the disadvantages, the sound of the game can present problems, although it is not something that completely compromises its performance.

Light games

5. CodyCross

CodyCross is a crossword puzzle entirely in Portuguese, with many challenges solved directly on a virtual keyboard. So it is the ideal option for those who like to spend time having fun.

All the words to be discovered have a tip displayed on the screen at the bottom. If you have difficulty completing the correct word, just use one of the aids provided.

The game has the advantage of being free, easy to play, clean interface and many challenges that make it possible to learn while playing. Fortunately, it has no disadvantages.