5 iOS tips that only work on iPhone XR, XS and X

The design of iPhones after model X marked an important change in the use of the iPhone, introducing new concepts and gestures that made users need to relearn some things.

We have listed in this article 5 examples of features of the iPhone X generation that are not so obvious to all users.

1. Use Animoji as stickers

Animoji are, as their name suggests, animated emojis that use the user’s facial recognition. But what few know is that they can also be sent as a static image, in the form of iMessage stickers.

To do this, just hold Animoji for a second and drag the image over the message.

2. Tap to wake up the screen

The iOS made for the new iPhones has an exclusivity not yet present in other models. It’s the fact of the screen awakening simply by touching it.

With that, if you simply want to see the time when the iPhone is resting on the table, just touch the screen.

3. Fast multitasking

On iPhone X, to access the screen with all applications “open” in the background, you need to drag the bottom of the screen upwards and hold for 1 second, until the little windows of the apps. However, through some alternative gestures you can speed up this process.

One is that you make an inverted L at the bottom of the screen, so you don’t have to wait for that one second.

The other is that you perform a diagonal gesture from the bottom left corner of the screen.

4. Close applications

To close applications in the background, the process is a little different than in previous iPhones, because when you try to drag the window up on the app, it simply goes back to the Home screen, because in X this is the command that replaces the button Home.

To effectively close an open application in the background, open the multitasking screen (as shown in tip 3), touch and hold the window for 1 second, until a red ball appears on them. Then just touch the ball to close the apps. You can also, from this moment, drag the windows upwards, which will now close the app.

5. Revalidate Face ID

Sometimes Face ID doesn’t recognize your face, either because it is too close to the screen, or because you are covering part of it, and then the lock symbol shakes and does nothing. The natural thing is for you to then turn off the screen with the side button and turn it back on, to try authentication again.

However, there is a practical gesture to revalidate authentication without having to turn off the screen. Just quickly tilt the device backwards, the face scanner is reactivated and a new attempt is made.

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