5 indispensable apps for your Smartphone


Long ago the Smatphone stopped being just a mobile device that makes calls to become something essential in our day to day. Currently, the tools present in them allow to unite couples, like Tinder, to call a driver without having to search the street for one, such as Uber, and even offer us moments of leisure and relaxation, such as fun 7 Sultans online casino – which, even, have been helping many Brazilians to make an extra monthly income.

The point is that the applications that each one loads on the Smartphone may vary according to taste and activity. Here I will list my 5 indispensable Apps that are some of the first that I installed when buying a new Smartphone or any other device.

Most of these features are present in digital app distributors, such as Google Play or the Apple Store, which are the most popular. In the first one alone, there are more than 400 thousand options, between free and paid, ready for users to download.

1 – Google Maps

I know that many people prefer Waze today, but I still prefer to use Google Maps. I recently made a long international trip and Google services were very important for me to be able to access all the places I wanted. If you want to know more about this trip, check out my other channel, the X of the Question.

Google Maps

Google Maps is usually installed on Smartphones, which is already an advantage. Perhaps the traffic navigation system of Waze has a few points more than Google Maps for this activity, however, Google Maps seems more complete in terms of information in general. An important tip is to download the maps to use offline, this was a very important point on the trip.

I have already traveled a few times by car also using Google Maps as a GPS and I have always obtained good results. So it’s more than recommended.

2 – Netflix


Undoubtedly an essential app, since it is now possible to download the content to the smartphone and watch offline. Although not all content is available for download, there is a lot to watch, especially if you are in a place with nothing to do or looking forward to watching the next episodes of your favorite series.

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in recent years. Not long ago, he started to let users listen to music for free (with ads among some of them, of course). Some of the highlights of the service are the thematic lists, created and fed by the users themselves. I am a premium subscriber of Spotify extremely satisfied, even more being able to download the songs you can listen offline.

4 – Google Authenticator

Google Auth

This application I started using not so long ago, but which I already consider one of the basic ones to install. This new tool from Google serves as a two-step authentication key for several services, not just Google’s. It is a tool that greatly increases the security of your accounts, but it should be used wisely, because if you do not save your backups, recovering an account can be more complicated (and therefore more secure).

5 – Telegram


As much in terms of popularity as WhatsApp still reigns, Telegram has been gaining more users every day, as it is an extremely rich and versatile service. Be it for bots, be it for the resources of the platform itself, such as channels, groups and super groups, emojis, stickers, gifs, file storage and much more.

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