5 great time-killing games on your iPhone

[Dica] Check out 5 great games for your iPhone

Waiting for time to pass without doing anything is extremely tedious, mainly because it seems that time does not pass. The iPhone is an excellent gaming platform, and the App Store has thousands of games for you to enjoy.

Of course, not every game is good or helps to pass the time, and with that in mind, today we are going to list 5 great games that give you the guarantee of a less annoying bus, train, subway or traffic jam.

1 – Badland

iphone games Badland iphone 6 games

Badland is a beautiful platform-type game (where the character moves horizontally to one side by jumping obstacles and platforms, aka Super Mario). His appeal is the graphics, which even won him several awards, both for the best game of the year for iPad in 2013 and the Apple Design Awards, which honors applications with the best design. The price is a bit steep, but spending $ 4 on a quality product is worth it.



2 – Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle Dragons iPhone

This one is very interesting because it is a mixture of Pokemon, RPG and “join 3 or more” games. In it you have to collect colored spheres and collect monsters to fight other users. Monsters can be «fused» to create more powerful ones that combine the skills of both and more. The app is free and offers in-app purchases to obtain extras.

Download from the App Store (Free)

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3 – Osmos

Osmos is a design classic, being one of the first games for mobile devices to offer a “visual experience” to attract users not only for gameplay but also for appearance. The objective of the game is simple: you are a galactic molecular bacterium that is circulating in space and survives absorbing other forms of life. But of course, if you are in space, you have all the laws of physics that govern your movement, so you should be aware of other large bodies and life forms that will also try to absorb you.



4 – Drug Wars

drug wars iphone

Drug Wars is exactly what the name suggests: you are a guy who sells drugs to survive, doing “missions” that race against time to get as much money as possible and pay the suppliers. The cool thing about the game is dynamism, as drug prices are always changing and many other things are happening. In addition, you cannot be caught by the police.

Download from the App Store (Free)


Dots is a very simple game: you must connect dots of the same color to form squares.

Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots: A Game About Connecting

So, did you like it? Do you have any other games to recommend? Then comment below and share with us!

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