5 good reasons why you should never abandon Android

5 good reasons why you should never abandon Android

Android is a complete operating system, with exclusive functions that have already been adapted by other competing companies. Many users believe that the platform is vulnerable or that it presents risks against itself, as we said in the article that lists the five biggest threats to Android. In fact, Android, like other mobile operating systems, has its pros and cons. But when we put its benefits alongside its disadvantages, we notice that there are many reasons why we love the Big G OS instead of hating it. In this article you can find 5 good reasons to never leave Android.

1. Customizable from A to Z

No matter what device you have, be it a Nexus or Samsung, any Android interface can be customized by the user. If you didn’t like what you saw, just reset the device and reset everything to factory settings or install a new launcher. On Android, all devices can be customized with animated wallpapers and there are even websites and communities that offer hundreds of dynamic wallpapers for thousands of devices. On other platforms, for example, animated wallpapers are restricted to newer devices.

Some manufacturers offer specific themes for their device lines, which, consequently, are adapted for other devices by more advanced users and made available in specialized forums, such as XDA, for example. Widgets, fonts, launchers, quick shortcuts, who doesn’t like having a device that looks like its owner?

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Android can be fully customized. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Compatible with any computer, laptop and charger models

Do you know that old story of losing all your personal data when the device is connected to the friend’s PC? Well, that doesn’t happen with Android, which is compatible with any desktop computer, operating system (Mac, Windows Linux) and laptops. The green robot system does not need proprietary software to function, as all of its local folders are accessible as a removable drive on any type of computer. You can include music, videos, delete application data and manage your folders from any device with an available USB port.

In addition, Android devices are compatible with most chargers available on the market, especially those with micro USB output. In most cases, you will be able to use your neighbor or friend’s charger without any problem, since we have already clarified here on AndroidPIT that sharing chargers does not damage any device.

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Android is compatible with any computer and several charger models. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Technologies and applications arrive first on Android

Currently, no user has to wait long to get their hands on a newly launched application or service. Companies like Facebook develop specific solutions for Android users, such as Facebook Home or Yahoo’s Aviary launcher. Microsoft also opted to make its Office suite available primarily on Android, and the software giant now has 68 apps hosted on the Play Store, including calendars, email clients, messengers and simultaneous translators.

Technologies also show up first on Android, like NFC and wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is advancing Android, as some models launched in 2015 accompany the new wireless fast charging technology. NFC has been present on Android since 2011 and is currently exploited to serve as a base for mobile payment platforms, such as Samsung Pay, which will arrive in Brazil soon.

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NFC and wireless charging first arrived on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Android brings you close to your favorite brand

Have you used Sony phones since Sony Ericsson’s time? Well, with Android you can continue using your favorite brand and, in addition, discover new manufacturers all year round, such as Quantum and Asus, for example. All veteran manufacturers have migrated to Android, offering devices with great embedded technologies and unique personalities. With Android you don’t need to be stuck in a brand due to some features implemented in the system, for example, since the essential functions of the OS are present in any proprietary interface.

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Android is accessible from any brand. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Android matches your budget

No matter the size of your budget, Android is accessible from smartphones that cost 300 reais to 4 thousand reais options. Google is doing a great job on each new version of Android, like Android 6.0 Marshmallow, for example, making the usage experience similar for any segment or price range.

Another point that must be taken into account is the great work done by some manufacturers in the mid-range, which varies between 700 and 1,500 reais, since many devices available in this segment deliver top line experiences for users who choose not to invest. loud on a new smartphone.

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Android goes from the cheap smartphone to the most expensive. / © ANDROIDPIT

So, what feature makes Android unique for you?