5 free apps for creative people!


If you are one of those guys who are in constant productivity and like to create, invent, customize and publish their works, this article, my friend, is for you! Today we are going to know 5 tools that you can use on your computer completely free of charge to produce works of various types!

It is almost contradictory to think that to exercise your creativity on the computer you have to pay, it is practically a way to curb your possibilities of creativity when you are faced with a paid program, especially when you do not have the money to buy a license and do not like it the idea of ​​pirating programs.

No money to buy software?

Yes, there are several free programs for content creators, for creative people, that you don’t need to spend a penny on, let’s go to our list!

1 – GIMP


GIMP is a fantastic image manipulator in the same segment as Photoshop, it is completely free and very simple to use.

To give you an idea, all the arts that illustrate this article you are reading were made with it.

You find it available for free download directly on its official website, but one of the most interesting things I can say about GIMP is its incredible ability to adapt and change.

The App is very customizable and evYou can install themes that make it look like Photoshop, ideal for those who are trying it out for the first time and already have some experience with the Adobe program, and install hundreds of plugins to add filters, brushes and tools to it get even more complete.

2 – Inkscape


If GIMP is a great free tool for you to use to make assemblies, when it comes to vectoring, Inkscape is the ball of the hour.

It can be equivalent to software such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

I know several people who work directly with him to «earn bread» as they say, in fact, a nice curiosity to comment is that the logo here on the blog (the same one that is there at the top of the page) was made with Inkscape.

You can find Inkscape for download, as well as excellent documentation with several tutorials, directly on its official website.

3 – Krita


If you are the creative person in the room who handles drawing, you will surely fall in love with Krita.

The software has been gaining a lot of space in the industry and being recommended by several professionals in the field, like our friend Elias de Carvalho.

Even the design of the application is designed to deliver the tools you need more easily.

You can download Krita directly from the official website also, and like the others commented above, it is also free.

4 – Kdenlive


Leaving the images a bit and going to the videos, we have the excellent Kdenlive.

An extremely powerful video editor, equally free and equivalent to Adobre Premiere and Vegas in different circumstances.

Our entire YouTube channel was developed using this program.

You can download this program directly from its official website as well.

5 – Natron


If in addition to editing videos, you also want to “play Spielberg” and create special effects, Natron is an excellent tool for that.

It was created based on the Workflow of large “medallions” in the market, such as Nuke it’s the Fusion.

The download of Natron is also free and you can get it through from the official website.

Who said you need to spend to exercise your creativity as a content creator, right? Of course, there are a number of programs that could fit this list, so feel free to add the ones you missed in your opinion through the comments below.

To the next!