5 cool iPhone search utilities

A feature full of utilities on the iPhone and iPad, present for some time on iOS and gaining more and more functions, the Search (old Spotlight).

At first, Search is used to literally search for all content present on the device, such as e-mails, notes, contacts, messages, applications, settings, podcasts, websites, movies, and much more. We even show here that it is possible to follow flight status by iOS Search.

In this article we will list 5 more extra features of Search on iOS that, sooner or later, may be useful to you. First, to access the Search, just touch your finger in the middle of the Home screen and drag it down.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that the 3D Touch can be used for most results.

Weather and weather forecast

You can access the Search and type something like "time now", "Miami time"; the place you want. In addition to the forecast, related results will also be shown below.

Convert units and currencies

Directly in Search you can convert units of measure, currencies and also do some mathematical calculations.

To do this, simply enter the desired amount and choose which measure or currency to convert. Or type the mathematical expression. See examples:

  • $ 200 in reais
  • 100 brazilian reals in pounds
  • 56 euros in rubles
  • 473 miles to km
  • 3000 ps to meters
  • 1200-167
  • 5489/2

However, it is a point to note that the standard results are based on the region setting of the device, which can be seen in General Settings Language and Region.


If you are looking for something for some kind of establishment, for example, you can eventually search before you even open the map apps.

So, activate the search and type something like "gas station", "restaurant", "bakery", etc; nearest referring places will be shown.

Sports scoreboard

For those who are sports fans or have a heart team, you can get information quickly through Search on the iPhone. You can follow game scores, as well as see the organization and team members, among other information.

Then, trigger the search and type something like "Flemish score", "Brazil team", "NBA game"


The iPhone Search also serves to find meanings of words. Then, activate it and type any word you want to consult in the dictionary, then slide the screen until you find the section 'Dictionary'.

Finally, just tap on the available options to display more details / definitions of the words.

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