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5 Cool Games for Android (Free) – Download without paying at Google Play

There are games of all kinds and for all tastes available on PlayStore. Every day several new options come up and in many cases it is difficult to choose an appropriate one. Depending on your taste, you may like one more than the other.

Each game always tends to report features in its description so this seems like a good option. Moreover, the reviews do not help much, as in some cases the opinions differ greatly from one another.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to games, each one has its own preference, and certain games please one audience more than another.

Today we list 5 cool options for free Android games. Check out:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The RPG game based on the famous little wizard's universe created by the writer J. k. Rowling. The story is set before Harry entered HogwartsBeing a must-see for anyone in love with the wizarding universe. In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you must discover the mystery surrounding the damn cryptsAnd his brother disappeared trying to unravel this mystery. In the game, you attend classes and you can learn various spellsincluding dueling with some students.

One disadvantage is the delay in recovering power.Which makes the game not fast and you have to depend on spending money or waiting to recover and continue the story. But this is not a problem for anyone who wants to find out more about this fantastic universe.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare

For those who like Age of Empiresir style games like this game. He online, in which to acquire resources to train troops, warring with other players. Getting in alliances and getting a good way to evolve helps make your castle more advanced. The story behind this gameis based on the legend of king Arthur, being that conquering the throne one of the greatest goals.

Play with people from different countries in this MMO that has gained more and more fans in Brazil. One advantage of King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is the easy translation feature, so you can interact with people who speak other languages ??smoothly.

Clash royale

Clash royale

If you don't play this game yet, or don't know anyone who does, you need to review their concepts. He is one of the most famous smartphone games of today. Real-time strategy multiplayer Clash Royale from the same creators of Clash ofClans.

There are several letters of troops, spells and defense structures, as well as letters like prince, knight and baby dragon. The objective is to overthrow the enemy's king and princesses,attacking the 3 towers of the opponent. The matches are fast and extremely addictive. In addition, you can buy some items to further boost your game.

New star soccer

New star soccer

For football fans, this is a game that is succeeding, being a great option. In New Star Soccer, you are a soccer player, first starting with hiring in lower leagues. an interesting game because, unlike many other football-style games, you command the actions of only one player, which will reflect his relationships with the fans, with other players and the coach, being decisive in helping the team win the match.

You will make several career-related decisions, giving you a different experience from conventional football games.

Snake vs Block

Snake vs Block

This one a revised version of the famous snake game. In SnakevcBlock, you will not only break the blocks, but you will need extra skill to ensure you hit the balls and the snake, bypassing the square blocks that have a number that subtracts the size of the snake.

an addictive game which has a minimalist look and very colorful, with very intuitive commands. Undoubtedly, a good rereading of the game is a classic of mobile phones.