5 best tips and tricks for the Lenovo Vibe A7010

5 best tips and tricks for the Lenovo Vibe A7010

Whenever we buy a new device, doubts about its functioning appear, especially those related to its software. The Vibe A7010 is Lenovo’s first launch in Brazil, and is packed with new features in its user interface, the Vibe UI. We have separated 5 tips and tricks that can help you personalize your new device, making it more practical and close to your taste. Check it out below.

1 – How to add or remove the app drawer

The Vibe UI offers two types of visuals for the device’s home screen. The first one, called «Android», adds the default OS launcher, modifying some icons and customization options. The second launcher is called «VIBEUI» and, unlike the previous one, remove the app tray and add an online store with themes.

To change the default launcher for the Vibe A7010, press one of the device’s home screens, select «Preference» and «Home screen style». You can change this pattern as many times as you like, the wallpaper you set is preserved between one launcher and another.

launchervibeuiapp Changing the default launcher for Lenovo Vibe A7010. / © ANDROIDPIT

2 – Change the quick shortcut icons

Some manufacturers offer this feature, particularly, it is one of the most useful in proprietary interfaces. You can change the shortcut icons in the settings bar in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, however, Lenovo’s option is a little more complete.

The customization icon of the quick access bar is located in its upper right corner, next to the user icon. When selected, the user will need to move the shortcuts below and customize them. The «Maximum columns» option limits the maximum number of icons that will be displayed on the bar.

iconesbarravibe Customizing the Lenovo Vibe A7010 quick shortcuts. / © ANDROIDPIT

3 – How to download themes, wallpapers, lock screens and multitasking

The easiest way to access the Lenovo A7010 online store is using the VIBEUI launcher. So, follow the steps of the first say and do the following path:

  • Press the device’s home screen;
  • Select «Backgrounds»;
  • Then «Themes».

The Lenovo store has themes for the lock screen, multitasking and device. Device themes change the wallpaper and system icons. Lenovo offers its own tool for creating themes, and you can find it by accessing the «More» option inside the store.

vibetemaapp Customizing the Lenovo Vibe A7010. / © ANDROIDPIT

4 – Adjust the display colors

We all know that there is nothing more unpleasant than a screen with muted colors and strange lighting tones. The screen assistant of the Lenovo Vibe A7010 offers some interesting adjustments to the device’s screen, such as correcting the screen’s vibration, saturation and white background tone between hot or cold.

Personally, I like the vivid, slightly saturated colors and the cooler tone. Thus, the white backgrounds are purer and the letters darker and more legible, unlike the warmer tone, which makes the letters more grayish and yellowish white. To access this option, go to: System settings> Display> Screen effects.

vibetelacorapp Configuring the Lenovo Vibe A7010 screen. / © ANDROIDPIT

5 – Customize the status bar icons

Anyone who has used custom ROMs knows that their greatest differential is the freedom to customize the system offered to the user. Changing the status bar icons is one of those interesting options, allowing the battery symbol to be changed, for example.

In the case of Lenovo Vibe A7010, the user interface allows the internet speed (Wi-Fi or mobile) to be displayed in real time, as well as battery information, which can be replaced or changed. Another interesting option is to block notifications from screenshots, that is, when activated, this option will block the notification that is created whenever the user takes a screenshot.

vibebarrastatusapp Changing the Lenovo Vibe A7010 status bar icons. / © ANDROIDPIT

These were the top 5 features that I liked most about Vibe UI. This article will continue to be updated with new tips and tricks for the Vibe A7010.

So, did you like the features offered in Lenovo software?