5 Best Apps to Get Older on PC Photos

Aging apps are increasingly popular on smartphones, but there are also good options to use on the PC. This is even better for looking for more robust apps or if you just prefer to make image edits on your computer over your phone.

It also gives you the advantage of using certain software with more options and tools available for manual editing. If you're curious, you can check out our top suggestions in the list below. See everything in detail right away!

1. Face App

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Our first recommendation could not fail to be Face App. It was its mobile version that made the aging apps popular again, so it makes sense that the desktop version is also tried out.

The app is not so different on the PC than we already know from smartphones. You can make your look older, younger and try a few different filters to change something on your face. You can check and download the app on your computer through the link.

2. Old Face Maker

Our next suggestion is quite simple to use, but it also has fewer options than other aging apps. In case it really only serves to leave you or others in photos with an older appearance.

In addition to adding wrinkles and other expression marks, you can even change your hair and put a beard or mustache on your face if you want. The app is completely free and can be downloaded to your PC via the link.

3. Change My Face

applications for aging change my face

Change My Face is a great option for those who want applications to age on the PC without having to install anything. We say this because it can be used directly from your internet browser on your computer.

Just upload a photo of yourself (or your friends if you prefer) and put on the aging effects you want. The process is easy, fast and as good as other apps of this type. You can test the Change My Face demo for free via the link.

4. Oldify

Oldify is another app best known for its mobile version, but it's also available for PCs. The cool thing about it is that after selecting the photo with the person you want to grow old, you can choose how old you want to leave it.

So even d to use the app to get younger if you want to vary a little. The app is completely free and so simple to use on PC as on smartphones. You can check and download the app via the link.

5. Photoshop

This suggestion is more for those who already have some experience with editing apps or want to touch something more manual. Instead of Photoshop just applying an aging filter to your face, it gives you all the tools you can to do it any way you want.

Of course it is the most complicated process, but it is hard to get such a personalized and well done result out of Photoshop. The app is paid, but there are free trials on the Adobe website. You can check more through the link.

Apps for getting older on Android and iPhone

Like the PC options, but also want to try aging apps on your phone? So just check our article with the best suggestions of these apps for Android and iPhone through the link.

You'll find apps with aging and rejuvenating filters besides just the Face App. It's worth checking out!

Did you like the aging apps?

Could you take a look at our list of some of the best photo aging apps on your PC? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions and if you have any other app you would like to see here.