5 astronomy apps to explore the Universe in real time

5 astronomy apps to explore the Universe in real time

If you love watching the sky and want to become a expert when it comes to astronomy, there are several applications that provide real-time information about the positioning of planets and stars. All with attractive images and simplified data about the solar system, for anyone to understand.

AppGeek has chosen the top five apps for you to start making your space observations.

Some tools also act as a guide for using a telescope, which can be the next step in exploring the Universe as far as it can go with our directions.

1. Star Walk

Astronomy with the Star Walk

The Star Walk allows you to easily identify celestial bodies in real time. Astronomical data is combined with smartphone technology and GPS location. Just point your phone at the sky towards the object of interest and find out the name of that bright star or mysterious object you found.

The application provides information on different types of stars, including comets and satellites. Another resource available, the time machine, indicates future positions and accesses a real encyclopedia about planets and other celestial bodies.

  • Star Walk (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

2. Astroviewer 3D

Astronomy with Astroviewer 3D

Astroviewer 3D brings together a variety of information all about stars and entire constellations. The application provides coordinates, names of celestial bodies, compass, among other features.

With the planetarium, you can access a model of the Solar System and still predict the occurrence of eclipses. In addition, it is possible to check the phases of satellites and planets, as well as the magnitude of certain stars.

  • Astroviewer 3D (free, with in-app purchases): Android

3. SkEye Astronomy

Astronomya with SkEye

SkEye Astronomy has the ability to identify stars in real time. Just point the phone in the desired direction and stay in details about planets, comets and other stars.

The app displays location coordinates and allows you to check the sky and its objects at any date, whether in the past or in the future. The application also features a model of the Solar System that includes all planets and their various moons.

To download SkEye Astronomy, click here.

4. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy with the Astronomy Picture of the Day

If you like space images and like to use them as wallpaper on your phone, Astronomy Picture of the Day is the app you are looking for. The tool combines images captured by the American space agency (NASA) and allows them to be downloaded on the device.

If you want, you can set the app to change your phone's wallpaper automatically every day. Common widget specific, it is easy to browse through previously used options and find out details about the photos.

The wallpaper function is attractive, but with each new photo posted, you have access to more diverse information about the universe.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (free, with in-app purchases): Android / iOS.

5. My Pocket Galaxy

Astronomy with My Pocket Galaxy

My Pocket Galaxy is a game that will help you learn more about the Solar System and its formation. The game allows the user to create entire galaxies with laws of physics that correspond to reality.

D to use particles, create rocky planets or gas giants, as well as massive stars. It is also possible to place planets in orbit of stars, simulate collisions and define the sizes of celestial bodies. Everything is saved in the app for you to check and share your achievements and creations

  • My Pocket Galaxy (free) Android
  • My Pocket Galaxy (paid): iOS

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