5 apps to post panoramic photos on Instagram

5 apps to post panoramic photos on Instagram

Took that panoramic photo killer with your iPhone? Well now it’s time to show it off to the world!

If your idea is to show your composition to as many people as possible, nothing more natural than posting it on Instagram, the largest social network of photos in the world. There is only one problem: natively, the platform does not accept the publication of panoramas – you will need to cut your masterpiece before placing it on the network. And nobody wants that, is it?

Fortunately, there’s an app for that – or rather, several. They all take advantage of Instagram’s gallery feature; in other words, applications “cut” your photo into pieces, and each one is published as a different image. When your followers come face to face with your post, they’ll just need to swipe across the screen to check out the entire composition.

The cool thing is that everything is done completely automatically by the applications: just upload your photo and they will make the clippings, preparing the publication for you. Below, we indicate five of them.

Unsquared for Instagram

Unsquared For Instagram app icon

Free, it allows you to select the number of “pieces” in which your photo will be cut. It has a more manual operation, however: once the process is finished, your cropped photos are saved in the library; you then need to select them on your own to save them on Instagram.

Swipeable Panorama

Swipeable Panorama app icon

It brings simple and free operation: just choose your panorama, preview the result and touch “Post to Instagram”. Ask not to offer more in-depth adjustment options, such as a snip (crop) custom.


Panorang app icon

Another app with simple operation and few adjustment options – just select your panoramic photo, crop it the way you want and save the cropped images to your library.

Panoragram – Panoramas for Instagram

Panoragram - Panoramas for Instagram app icon

Also free; brings you the option of showing an ad so that you can remove the watermark from the service. You can split your photos into up to ten parts, for panoramas beeeem long.


SCRL - Collages for Instagram app icon

Much more complete and powerful, SCRL allows you to make montages, collages and very complex compositions – including the configuration of a panoramic photo spread over several clippings. Most resources must be acquired through internal purchases, which vary between R $ 4 and R $ 8.

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Enjoy the tips and good photos! ?