5 Apps to make sweepstakes by Smartphone


Anyone who has a store or wants to do an action among friends with a drawing on the internet knows how difficult it can be to find a good website to carry out this activity. Instagram, Facebook and even Telegram, which recently launched news in mobile and desktop versions, are used as a way to sign up for promotions. But, how to do the draw without complications? We have selected 5 apps so that you can carry out sweepstakes promotions of any kind, completely digital and safe, even without having a computer nearby.

The applications that we separate for you work through random results generator, we often use software of the type to make our Padrim’s sweepstakes. It is the same type of technology used in online bingo in Brazil.

Check out the following 5 Apps for sweepstakes!

1- Random Generator

With several layout options that resemble dice, roulette and other options, the Random Generator is one of the most complete applications in the segment. It generates numbers to create passwords, divide people into groups and draw items in a set. It is only available for Android.

2 – Name Draw

Do you have a large list of names and want to select a winner? Choose the Name Draw. Also available for Android, this app is ideal for those who have a list of names instead of numbers. You enter this list into the application’s system and it draws for you. Very fast, practical and easy to use.

3 – Draw

Now, if what you need is a number drawer, you can opt for the Draw app. Its operation is very simple and practical, and the intuitive design allows even the most inexperienced people to understand. The basic number draw is present, but you can also define whether you want to draw repeated numbers or the range you want to consider in your draw.

4 – Flip – Random Number Generator

With the same function as apps like the Raffle, which we mentioned earlier, Flip brings a plus: you can take off heads or tails! This helps in team draws, for example. You can also roll dice and configure how many sides the dice should have. That is, it is useful for the draw and to play any type of game.

5 – Random Number Generator

Available for iOS, this app gives the user several options. You can draw a number, a team, lists, dice games or a winning person. You can even include decimal numbers and decide whether you want to repeat numbers or not, in addition to the number of numbers selected. It is a great option, quite complete.

Raffle Apps

These are just a few options you can choose from to make your sweepstakes. It is important to remember that, according to the law, promotions that are not authorized by Caixa are considered illegal. Although in practice there is little verification, this is an aspect that many brands forget when making their draws.

The user must be aware of the many scams that happen daily. Criminals recently used a fake promotion of a famous perfume brand to steal data from hundreds of people. Therefore, every care is little and a good research is essential before clicking on any promotional link on WhatsApp or other platforms. If you are going to participate in a drawing, we wish you good luck! But, if you are going to hold a sweepstakes, remember to download one of the recommended apps to make the process easier.

Additionally, a website that we love to use and can be accessed from a computer or cell phone is the, it has several tools for equally diverse sweepstakes.

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