5 apps that almost every Brazilian uses (important for companies)


Brazilians like to live on their cell phones and, therefore, do not miss the news of applications that are emerging to make their lives easier. These are some applications that the Brazilian people take advantage of in daily use, they are also important targets for entrepreneurs and brands that want to advertise.

Today, the world is essentially technological and the Brazilian people like to follow this trend. The speed in the advancement of the digital world has caused many devices and applications to take deep roots in the way we live our lives and comes to completely change the routines and habits.

THE Millennial generation I would no longer even know how to live without a cell phone and, even among the older sections of the population, there is a growing interest in all these applications and features that help make life simpler. So, more than ever, apps come into people’s lives as a way to help them manage all the small (and big) aspects of their day.

This proficiency of applications is very valid for all people, but sometimes even more interesting for entrepreneurs, who use it for personal and business purposes, taking advantage of the potential of the digital world to take their business further and help ensure success.

These life and company management tools are undoubtedly in great demand and, perhaps because of this, the launch of new useful applications happens every day and permeates people’s everyday experiences.

Of course, not all applications are equally useful, with some that stand out from the rest, as they are consensually essential to people’s daily experience.

There are an endless number of useful applications to facilitate small daily tasks and the management of our business, just go through the Google Play Store over the months to understand some constants, and also some applications that emerge due to extensive marketing campaigns, such as this is the case with store apps, as we approach Black Friday.


1. WhatsApp

One of the mobile applications that is certainly present in almost all Brazilian smartphones is WhatsApp. This interest in the application is not strange when we consider how it allows the most diverse forms of communication – be it audio messages, text messages, video or sending digital content such as music or images – for free.

The use of this application has changed the regularity of communication and made people get closer, driven by the ease and vastness of the app’s options.

In addition, the application also has a business version – WhatsApp Business – which is ideal for send messages at your company, reaching the public with greater ease and still having the possibility to evaluate the statistics created by the application.

Thus, it becomes an essential app, both for individuals and for Brazilian businesses and companies, even though it is not the only and not necessarily the best alternative for this purpose, especially when we look at resources.

As an entrepreneur, even if you prefer another application, naturally people, customers and many of your employees, today will reach you through WhatsApp, it has become so ubiquitous that even if you choose not to use it often, leaves it installed on the Smartphone just in case.

2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used forms of digital media worldwide and Brazil does not escape this trend.

In Brazil, Facebook is a phenomenon and it will be very rare for a cell phone that does not have this application installed, or one of its versions, such as Facebook Lite, Messenger, etc.

Using this network to communicate with friends, post ideas and photos, Brazilians are also considering their potential for the business world.

In business terms, Facebook allows the dissemination of various products and ideas, as well as the creation of interest groups, the creation and promotion of events and the creation of sponsored publications – advertising – which helps to bring brands to a very large number vast number of potential customers.

Although I have the feeling that the peak of Facebook in Brazil, as “the favorite app” has passed it, with many young people especially leaving it aside to find a social network that communicates better with their tastes, there is no denying the impact of the sales and market network.

3. Uber

Uber has also revolutionized the world and, once again, Brazil was no exception. This application has revealed itself as a phenomenon in Brazil and is an app that will be installed on the vast majority of Smartphones.

Allowing for a better and less expensive transport service, this rental car app it makes life easier for Brazilians, also offering solutions for companies.

My city even had Uber only recently, but I have had the app on my Smartphone for a long time and I have used it several times on trips. At the tip of the pencil for those who run a company, knowing in advance how much things will cost, even if it is a “rush” to a certain location, makes all the difference.

Uber’s success ended up generating a large network with variations in functionality, with deliveries of all types, as well as creating competitors, which again heats up this market sector.

Knowing how to work with Uber is essential, especially in the business world.

4. Instagram

It is also a social network and will be, perhaps, even more important for Brazilians than Facebook. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most recurring applications on Brazilian cell phones and a favorite in the country.

Allowing the sharing of photos, this space works as a personal or business window and greatly facilitates the display of visual content.

In addition, with very simple forms of promotion and with adjustable budgets, Instagram is also an excellent way to promote the individual image or activity of an online business.

Probably 2019 was the year of Instagram in Brazil, you can follow me there, where several businesses have found themselves viable through the platform, similarly to what happened with YouTube or Twitch.

Instagram was able to create a new wave of content creators, who make this material into a much faster consumption format, something that blends well with today’s needs.

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the applications that need no introduction. Famous all over the world, this is the biggest video platform ever and is a form of fun that is not usually lacking in the range of Brazilian cell phone apps.

YouTube usually comes installed with all Android Smartphones, which makes it even easier to access the platform. It is hard not to “rain in the wet” when it comes to advertising investment with YouTube, it has become so popular that even television stations, traditionalists like themselves, have learned to create material for the internet and publish it on YouTube regularly.

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Know how to analyze

There are different types, two different types of entrepreneurs, those who can only work with obvious data, and those who can deduce information from less accurate data.

The difference seems to be subtle, but it can make a big difference. What can you, as an entrepreneur, get out of useful information from a list made from this finding?

When you have an audience to serve, it is important to identify where they are, and what is their favorite form of interaction, that way you can have a direct and comfortable communication with your prospect, and offer your services with greater precision.

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Among these apps, which is your favorite? Do you use any cool App to make your company’s day to day more efficient? Tell me in the comments. ?

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