5 Apps & Games You Need to Know This Week

Discovering interesting new apps and games is not always easy. To help you get this list, made with the support of our readers, of the most interesting apps that recently appeared on the Play Store.


We have here an MMORPG that mixes the genre of heroic fantasy and manga, perhaps because it is aimed at the Asian market or the fans of Japanese comics. For example, we have huge knights and cruel killers, but also little witches who seem to have come from a Clamp manga.

Interesting gameplay and graphics are very good, but the game requires access to permissions you absolutely do not need. Fortunately, you can deny access and the game still works. Talion is pre-registered with the Play Store.

Firefox ScreenshotGo (Beta)

This Mozilla app lets you capture and manage screenshots in a variety of ways. For example, a small on-screen floating button lets you capture screenshots without having to press the power and volume keys. But more interesting features are what allows you to find screenshots using keywords, and what allows you to extract text from images.

androidpit firefox screenshotgo
ScreenshotGO: Very useful for those who often deal with screenshots / ANDROIDPIT

Download from the Play Store

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

This game is finally coming to Android, but still a beta. Therefore, you may encounter some bugs. Your character is in a cool environment, and needs to build buildings and objects to expand his colony. The minimalist graphics are very interesting, and the game has something to offer any type of player.

Download from the Play Store

Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap

Two years after its debut on consoles and PCs, this great action RPG hits smartphones. This is a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap, a 1989 game released for the Master System and PC Engine that became known here in Brazil as Mnica's Gang in: The Rescue.

In the role of Hu-Man (or Hu-Girl) you must explore various areas in search of healing from a curse caused by the terrible Meka-Dragon. Along the way, find numerous monsters as well as items that may help you on your journey. Each area in the game has a boss, who when defeated turns his character into a new creature, with powers and abilities that will allow him to access new areas of the map, in the best Metroid style.

The hand-drawn graphics and orchestrated soundtrack are excellent, but the Saudosites can at any time switch to the original 8-Bit originals. The price of $ 39.99 scares, but believe me: it's worth every penny.

Download from the Play Store

Geometry: Square Birds

This is a game that is both weird and cute. You control a square bird that has to find worms to feed its young, and must move up, down, left or right avoiding the traps to bring the rank to the nest. It's a fun game for kids of all ages.

Download from the Play Store

And you, do you know any release that should be on this list? Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

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