5 apps for you to take cool photos with your iPhone or iPod touch

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In many cases, the iPhone is completely replacing the traditional camera, precisely because we have it always at hand, which allows us to record every moment of day-to-day life. It is no wonder that it is now the most popular camera on Flickr, ahead of giants like Nikon and Canon.

Because if you are one of those who love taking pictures with him, discover some apps that can greatly improve your creative experience.

The most popular photo sharing service on the iPhone (after Flickr) is the Instagram, created by a Brazilian resident in the United States. It allows you to apply interesting effects to your photos before uploading them to the online publication. Unfortunately there is no option to save the image only in the device’s photo album, forcing you to open an account on the service.

It’s the only one on the list that gets paid, but it’s worth it, due to its range of good effects options. He is able to completely alter the photo, giving it a different personality. It allows sharing the image with social networks, but it is not mandatory, making it possible to record locally on the device. You can also add captions to the photos.

Probably the best app of its kind. On sale for a limited time.

New creation by Autodesk (the same as AutoCAD), the application also has great options for photo effects. It is very worthwhile to test it. Compatible with iPad.

As the name says, it is also another set of effects in photos. Free for a limited time.

This sensational application allows you to create panoramic or even 360¬ļ photos, in an easy and intuitive way. But if you are going to try, be careful to rotate the device on the same axis while taking the photos, so that the images are not bent (#ficadica). Free for a limited time. Compatible with iPad.

These were just a few of the apps on the App Store. If you know any good that you usually use, tell us here in the comments, so that everyone can know too. ?