5 amazing paid games to have on your iPhone

5 jogos pagos incríveis para ter no seu iPhone

Check out 5 amazing paid games that will have fun for a long time on your iPhone

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneSee these five games you need to have on your iPhone

We are always looking for new apps to have on the iPhone. And we even get used to paying for some of them, either by subscription or because he is very good and does not bombard us with adsenses.

Here in Brazil it is still difficult to spend a lot on the App Store, mainly because it is still in dollars, but if you are after paid games that will give you excellent fun, I will list here for you five games that you will love!

If you are interested in them, the tip is to wait for a promotion to get them for a cheaper price. Check out!

1 – Monument Valley – $ 3.99

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneHelp Ida in this beautiful game

If you like puzzling games and that make you think to take action, Monument Valley is the ideal game. The player needs to take the princess Ida through various stages of optical illusion manipulating assorted objects to get to the end point. With a beautiful story and a great soundtrack, the game is worth every penny. (And also appeared on House of Cards!)

2 – Alto’s Adventure – $ 3.99

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneSkiing has never been so much fun

Common excellent graphic, great soundtrack and a infinite snow mountain, drive Alto, the main character of this game all the way through completing missions. Are 50 stages, with three missions each, for you to have fun. Each with different difficulties and releasing others characters. Use items to propel your adventure and fly through the skies from the mountain to escape from angry elders. After the game is over, if you can, you can play on Zen mode, which serves for you to ski endlessly with relaxing music.

3 – Chameleon Run – $ 1.99

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneRun, change color, get impulse … Don’t hit!

Chameleon Run is an exciting game to say the least. You only have two possibilities. Jump pressing the right side of the screen or changing colors (between pink and yellow) on the right. Easy, if it wasn’t challenging. You will lead the chameleon character through stages where for him to reach the end, you need to jump and dodge objects, outside that it is necessary complete the missions and do the best time in the race. A simple game has never been more exciting.

4 – Leo’s Fortune – $ 4.99

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneThe second most beloved mustache of games

Leo, the mustachioed hairball, was rich; a king, actually. One day, his fortune was stolen and now he goes after whoever took all his money. You need to guide him through several stages, crossing obstacles and escaping the dangers to take you to your final destination. Of course, if you can get there.

5 – Badland 2 – $ 3.99

5 amazing paid games you need on your iPhoneTravel through dangerous and dark lands

Badland needs no introduction. You need to take this creature through the game’s forests. Starting at «Day 1: Dawn», the game takes place in four stages: Dawn, Dusk, Darkness and Night and each of them has new colors and trapss. Unlike the first game, there are new ways to fly and change direction in Badland 2, in addition to new obstacles like water, strange liquids, flame, ice, magma and laser. The game makes the most of 3D Touch of your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

What did you think of this selection? Do you already know any of these games? Also check out 5 amazing free games for your iPhone!