5 amazing free games to have on your iPhone or Android

5 jogos grátis incríveis para ter no seu iPhone ou Android

Check out a list of 5 amazing and free apps for you to play always and without getting sick, on your iPhone or Android

Free games to enjoy your smartphone

Smartphones and games are an amazing combination, aren’t they? If you’re after new games for your iPhone or Android, I have some app recommendations for you to always have around – and that may even have a better experience on the new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus. Come on?

1 – Pokémon Shuffle Mobile (App Store / Play Store)

Pokémon Shuffle is a strategy game to capture all PokémonPokémon Shuffle is a strategy game to capture all Pokémon

How to join Pokémon and your smartphone wouldn’t work, would it? Pokémon Shuffle closely resembles the Candy Crush style of play, but it stops there. In addition to being able to move Pokémon more freely, you can still capture them after the battle.

The coolest part of the game is that you also always need to be aware of the advantages and weaknesses of each monster you will be battling with. Pokémon Shuffle is always being updated and every week there are several new challenges. After all, we have to catch them!

2 – Breakneck (App Store / Play Store)

Use your iPhone's 3D Touch in this gameUse your iPhone’s 3D Touch in this game

Breakneck is different from all other racing games. In this case, it is not exactly a competition, but a way for you to survive from the aliens that hunt you with another ship. The intention of the game is to go through more and more levels before being destroyed.

There are several aircraft options to use and there is a general weekly ranking with all users of the game. It’s really fun and during the race, when using the turbo, it works with the 3D Touch, giving an even cooler experience on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

3 – Nimble Quest (App Store / Play Store)

RPG and Snake: how can you not addict?RPG and Snake: how can you not addict?

This game is for those who love RPG and the famous “snake game”, from Old Nokia. He gathers magicians, archers and nature creatures in a single file to defeat the monsters that try to kill you until you pass to the next level. In addition to being dynamic, there are several levels, characters, items and levels to climb. I swear, you won’t be able to get out of this app.

4 – Smash Hit (App Store / Play Store)

From phase I to infinity: how far can you go?From phase I to infinity: how far can you go?

Smash Hit has a very simple logic: throw metal balls at obstacles so you don’t hit and hit crystals to get more balls. Easy, if it wasn’t getting more and more difficult. The vision you have of the game is as if your eyes are on the screen, so everything that comes in front of you can hit you and, between us, you will want to destroy everything that tries to enter your vision. When placing headphones, the game experience gets even better and more engaging.

5 – Agar.io (App Store / Play Store)

Er ... try againEr… try again

“AH! No more amoebas! I mean… now I think I can do it ”, this is what you will say every time a bigger amoeba joins you to it. Yes, just like that. THE Agar.io works only with internet and connects you in a room full of amoebas. The game is not about winning, but about lasting longer. Everyone starts the same way, although you find it hard to believe after a few matches.

When you start in this room as an amoeba (you can customize its name, color and even put a sticker), you need to feed on the microbes that are smaller than you. The challenge is to become the biggest predator of online players before being eaten by one of them.

What’s up? What did you think of the list? What are your favorite free games. Leave a comment down here!