5.6 thousand seek information on tariffs

الأوقات الميتة تساوي الوقت للإبحار 38 يومًا في السنة

In the second quarter of this year, 5,653 users turned to Anacom’s Tariff Observatory to find out the best rates for their consumption profile.

During the three months, 6,196 operations were carried out on the platform.

The features most used by those looking for the information service were tariff consultations, monthly consumption and call comparison.

The tariff query functionality alone received 3,476 visits.

The Observatory has been operating for almost four years.

Since then, it has already received 118.4 thousand accesses and allowed 172.3 thousand simulation operations to be carried out.

More recently, the communications regulator launched another online service to facilitate the consultation of mobile tariffs, but this time applied to roaming.

Roaming Light provides generic information and facilitates direct operator contact to request information.