4th Generation iPhone unveiled by Steve Jobs

4th Generation iPhone unveiled by Steve Jobs

Confirming all expectations, Steve Jobs, president of Apple, presented this afternoon the fourth generation of the iPhone. A new design with glass at the back and front – to give more resistance to scratches to the equipment and better image quality – and steel around, make the difference that stands out. Thinner than previous models, the new iPhone has a thickness of 9.3 mm. Includes a camera at the front and one at the rear with flash LED that goes from 3 to 5 megapixels and guarantees a five-fold zoom. It also supports HD video.

In terms of image quality, we also highlight the new retina display, which concentrates a higher density of pixels per inch (326 pixels per inch, slightly above what the human retina can capture). This level of quality, says Jobs, will allow a book seen on the device to look the same as a printed book.

The image contrast of the new iPhone is 800 to 1 and the screen is 3.5 inches. The equipment has IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, gyroscope and micro-SIM, in addition to integrating a new chip, the A4, developed in the house, which helps to guarantee the 7 hours of autonomy that the company promises for the new device. The available internal memory is 32 GB, in the most stretched version, and support in terms of Quad Band mobility, in addition to WiFi connectivity.

More balance than news, before the iPhone

At 10:01 am local time, Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage at Moscone West in San Francisco to open yet another edition of Apple’s developer conference. This year with 5,200 participants – who secured their presence in record time – from 57 countries.

The iPad, which, as was already known, sold 2 million units in 59 days, was the theme chosen by Jobs to start the speech, reported at the time on several technology blogs, which thus circumvent the restrictions imposed by Apple on a broadcast live sound and image, such as C | Net, which TeK followed.

The device, which is now available in 10 countries, will be on sale until 19 July in 19 markets with support of 8,500 applications in its own store and over 200 thousand applications originally developed for iPhone, also compatible with the device that caused the tablet fever. and trigger interest in electronic books, by betting heavily on this component.

By the way, Steve Jobs revealed that in the first 65 days of the iPad’s life, 5 million books were downloaded to the platform, making the offer responsible for 22 percent of sales from the online store launched to support the device.

On the iPad, some new features were also announced that facilitate the handling of content and the long-awaited support for PDF from scratch.

The president of Apple provided even more numbers related to other areas of success in the operation of the brand, such as the fact that there are currently 225 thousand applications for its App Store, the iPhone store. Every week, 15,000 new apps are submitted in 30 different languages ​​and the company guarantees that, despite criticisms that accuse it of maintaining a bureaucratic approval process, 95 percent are approved in less than 7 days. Another interesting number is the fact that the App Store reached the barrier of 5 billion downloads last week.

Farmville fans also learned that a version of the popular game that brings the taste of (virtual) farming to more than 70 million active users per month, the game that has so far only animated Facebook users, is ready. Available from the end of June, this new application. New versions of Guitar Hero for iPhone and iPod Touch have also been announced, already available and that allow you to download more songs.

The new iPhone will arrive in North American stores next June 24th, orders can be placed a few days before, starting June 15th. The 32 GB model will cost $ 299, while the 16 GB model will cost $ 199. The iPhone 3G will remain in stores at a price of $ 99. In the group of first countries to receive the equipment are also the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Germany.

Editorial note: Updated news with information on release dates for the new iPhone.

Cristina A. Ferreira