4K Video Downloader – To save the videos that have marked your life

4k video downloader

Whenever we find a video on the internet and we like it a lot, the question comes to mind «How can I save it to my computer?».

Even in times of high-quality streaming, there may be times when having offline video can have some advantages, such as being able to consume DioCasts at any time without depending on an internet connection, and we have always researched and found unsatisfactory solutions.

So far, as 4K Video Downloader will help you with this task.

THE 4K Video Downloader is an application that will help you to save videos from the most popular sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo among others.

First let’s download it through the official site of them, and being able to choose 2 options to Linux, one for the base Debian / Ubuntu / Mint being .deb and the other for the other distros being in the format tar.gz2, we have a video on the channel explaining how to use this format.

After installation you will open the program and accept the terms.

4k video downloader

Soon after, the screen will appear where you will be able to paste the video link from the website where you want to save it.

Just copy the link and click on the green icon that says “paste link”.

4k video downloader

Then a window will open where you will see the video information and also where you want to save it.

4k video downloader

And finally a screen will appear showing the progress, then just wait for the end and play the video ..

Very simple, right? =)

A very useful and good tip for those who want to save that unforgettable video, or who need to save that soundtrack for that memorable moment.

But beware, many online videos are copyrighted that restrict downloads, so be careful not to violate the rules of any website or content creator.

I wait for you until next time and a big hug!