4k Slideshow Maker – Make a presentation with photos easily


I’m a fan of tools that automate our lives and certainly the tools of the people at 4K are great examples of that. Today you will get to know the 4K Slideshow Maker.

4K Slideshow Maker is a free program that you can use to create image presentations with music that are on your computer, or even import photos from your Instagram account, which makes the application even more versatile.

Although very cool, the project has some limitations too, for example, it does not support images in the format png, which may limit the possibilities a little, but it is still interesting. The ideal for creating the presentation is for images to be used in jpg.

After adding your music and photos, you can see a preview how the presentation will look, if you like the result, you can create the Slideshow by clicking on the button “Make Slideshow”. In the program preferences you can also choose the video format and the duration between transitions from one photo to another, in addition to being able to choose the quality of the final result.

4K Video downloader

4K Slideshow Maker is available for Linux, Windows and macOS through its official website, in the case of Linux, we have a .deb package that facilitates installation in distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu, such as Linux Mint, Deepin and elementary OS.

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