4K QLED TVs are the new gamer desire, according to Samsung

Veja como o mercado de games cresce na América Latina

Samsung set up an infographic showing economic data from games on the continent, the interest and importance of the QLED panel in games

Gamers are seen by many as addicted people, a reason for joke and even a certain prejudice, with the stereotype of silly nerd, comedy film style.

Music and film lovers do not have the same treatment.

Even so the gaming market keeps growing.

Research shows that annually the game market in Latin America increases by 20%.

More than $ 4 billion a year, $ 105 billion worldwide.

Brazil is the second largest consumer of games on the continent, even with such high prices, due to taxes.

These data were gathered in an infographic set up by Samsung.

In addition to economic statistics, the company also researched the interest of gamers in 4K TVs and their current most common use.

Samsung assembles infographic about games in Latin America and the importance of a QLED TV

See how the gaming market grows in Latin AmericaTV Q8C is Samsung’s premium QLED

According to Samsung, game videos are one of the most watched content on Smart TVs, thanks to the growth of Twitch and YouTube.

The streamers they are increasingly becoming celebrities, with millions of followers and a loyal audience.

Now, when it comes to playing, it is important to choose the TV.

After all, all gambling is only possible on TV.

With the launch of Xbox One X and the cheaper PlayStation 4 Pro, 4K TVs are expected to become more popular.

THE Samsung Latin America points out that 70% of respondents who have or wish to buy a UHD TV own a video game.

  See how the gaming market grows in Latin America

Samsung QLED TVs are ideal for gaming

The gamers they form a demanding public that is concerned with the quality of its products.

Not surprisingly, the games last for hours, you need perfect performance for a long time.

So the Samsung attentive to It is made burn-in common TVs.

The effect burn-in it is when an image is displayed for a long time on TV and the screen is «smudged» with marks from it.

Imagine, for example, the life bar, always present in RPGs.

spotted on your screen even when you exit the game.

Not pleasant, is it?

Thus, the Samsung wants to win over gamers with their QLED TVs, made up of quantum dots and without organic materials (like OLED).

In one test, an OLED TV and a QLED from Samsung were placed side by side and used in the same game for 12 hours.

At the end of the experiment, OLED was affected by burn-in, QLED does not.

THE Samsung is so sure of the quality of your panel that 10 year warranty against burn-in.

So, what’s your next gaming TV going to be? Find out which Samsung QLED models are available and where to buy from this link.