4G goes to auction at the end of the year

CE تستثمر 50 مليون يورو في الجيل الخامس لاستعادة ريادتها في مجال الهاتف المحمول

Anacom plans to launch, in the last quarter of this year, the tender for the provision of spectrum in the 2.6 gigahertz frequency band, where LTE – Long Term Evolution technology can be used.

Once again, the spectrum should be made available «through the auction system», according to the regulator’s source in statements to the Lusa agency.

The fourth mobile generation «may also work in the 700, 800 megahertz range, which will be free as analog television moves to digital,» added the same official.

Analog television is expected to stop operating in April 2012 and Anacom forecasts that the unoccupied spectrum is intended for mobile phone operators, «namely for strengthening mobile networks, mobile television», or for new television channels, although in relation to these «there is still nothing on the table».

It should be recalled that the European Commission recently allocated € 18 million of European funding to support R&D for fourth generation mobile technology, while operators from around the world put their pilots into practice using LTE.

TeliaSonera was the first to announce the commercial launch of fourth generation mobile services over LTE, last December, for the cities of Oslo and Stockholm, capitals of Norway and Sweden.