4G gains half a million new users this year

4G gains half a million new users this year

Over the course of this year, half a million new users should join 4th generation mobile services.

The conclusion is from the market research firm InStat, which underlines the still regional character of the evolution of the use of technology in the current year.

The United States and Western Europe are the regions of the globe that deserve the company’s highlight. «The rest of the world will not start to adopt 4G technology significantly until 2012», says a press release.

Operators will continue to try to take advantage of third generation networks and HSPA technology, although the migration to 4G appears with increasing competitive pressure, due to the increasing volumes of data transacted.

InStat also points to a 30 percent growth in the number of subscribers to WCDMA / HSPA and HSPA + services between 2010 and 2014.

In 2014 there will be 540 million 3G users in Western Europe connected to WCDMA technologies, says the same source.

It is recalled that in Europe the Nordic countries are the most advanced in the adoption of LTE, technology supporting 4G.

Operators such as Telenor or TeliaSonera are at the forefront, with plans that TeK has already detailed here.

Both in the case of Telenor and in the case of TeliaSonera.