4G auction advances until June 2011

النص الصوتي والرسائل النصية القصيرة ذات القيمة المضافة مع قواعد التسجيل الجديدة

It was initially scheduled for this year, but the launch of the procedure for the allocation of fourth generation mobile licenses was delayed, being sent to 2011. Now Anacom confirms that the auction should advance until June next year.

The information was conveyed by Jornal Público, after a lunch of the regulator with journalists, and states that Anacom considers the auction procedure more appropriate than a tender, an idea that had also been advanced last year.

According to the same newspaper, the June deadline was set due to the end of the current management mandate of Anacom, which ends on that date. With the exception of Filipe Baptista, recently appointed, Anacom’s administration ends a non-renewable term of five years in June.

Paulo Campos, Secretary of State for Communications, said at the APDC Congress that the Government is working on the allocation of licenses in 2011, but admitted that only in 2015 does it expect operational results from these networks.

At the same Congress, operators expressed their doubts about the feasibility of investments in 4G networks, also warning that licenses cannot be too expensive, risking the possibility of starting LTE. That is why they ask for common sense in this economic phase to make the investments to be profitable.

It should be recalled that the licensing of 4G networks is one of the revenues foreseen by the Government in the 2011 State Budget, but the amount will be determined by the number of licenses to be allocated and the amount that operators will have to pay.