48 million photos and videos seized in operation against pedophilia

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

An investigation that over the past few months tracked a set of movements online suspicions culminated in the arrest of 66 individuals and the seizure of 48 million photographs and videos of pedophilia.

Coordinated by the Spanish police, the operation involved several regions of the country in identifying the 85 individuals responsible for the 55 downloads illegal content detected by the police since last September.

Of the 85 accounted Internet users, 66 were identified who are accused of distributing child pornographic material. It remains to be clarified whether those involved are also responsible for the abuse of the children involved.

As part of the operation, the Spanish police ended up making one of the most significant apprehensions ever with regard to the amount of material. One of those involved in this network had 21 hard drives filled with pornographic material involving children.

In total, 89 hard drives, 16 portable computers, 1,000 DVDs and a set of other material related to image capture and recording have already been seized. The Spanish police have already searched 58 homes in 40 different locations.

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