48 hours for you to master the Linux Terminal!


Are you the type of Linux user who keeps fighting with the terminal? So today you will have the opportunity to do our full Bash course and learn to speak the language of the terminal for the same price as a month on Netflix!

We designed a course for you to become an expert at the terminal and no longer be afraid of the “little black screen”, without any trouble!

There are a total of 15 video classes with varying duration and complementary material where you will learn the “language” of the Linux terminal, the topics covered will be the following:

– The main commands of the terminal;

– Inputs and outputs

– Redirection to files

– Redirection between processes

– Variables

– Commands for managing files

– Commands to administer the system

– How to find help to work autonomously after the course

– Network space management

And much, much more!

Bonus: By purchasing in this promotion you will receive an extra 30 minutes free training on the VIM text editor, very popular in the Linux world.

Objective: Lose the fear of using the terminal and start seeing it as the powerful tool that is to help you have absolute control over your computer.

Who is it for: People interested in deepening their knowledge of Linux and willing to have complete control of the computer in their hands.

Certificate: You will receive a certificate of completion of the course signed with the name of the instructor and the name of the director of Diolinux EAD.

Workload: The duration of the course is around 4.5 hours, however, the value can practically double if you do all the exercises proposed during classes.

For how much?

Of course, no less important is the value for accessing this incredible content.

As I said at the beginning, it will be the value of a monthly fee from Netflix so you can acquire this knowledge and become a Ninja at the Terminal.

So, what are you waiting for to master the terminal for good?

To the next!

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