45 thousand Magalhães to deliver in January

Magellan lacks content and training

The latest number of deliveries of Magalhães laptops released by the Government was updated yesterday in declarations to Agência Lusa by a source from the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications that guarantees that 50 thousand pieces of equipment have already been delivered within the scope of e-schools.

Until last week, 35 thousand pieces of equipment had been delivered, as TeK mentioned yesterday, but that number has already risen to 50 thousand. The number of entries received was also updated from 230 thousand to 235 thousand.

The expectation now is that in the first week of January another 45,000 Magalhães will be delivered, having already sent 75,000 mobile phone messages with payment references in the last two weeks, a procedure that precedes the delivery of the laptop.

The e-escolinha initiative has already received 235 thousand registrations, a number that is still below the 500 thousand Magalhães that the Government wants to deliver by the end of the academic year. For now, the Government guarantees that by the end of the first quarter it will be able to respond to all orders, hoping that orders will increase.

It should be remembered that under the e-school program, students in the first cycle of basic education can have access to the Magalhães portable computer, specially designed for these ages, based on Intel’s Classmate. The cost for parents depends on the income bracket and can range from zero to 50 euros, without having to subscribe to Internet access.