45 nanometer Intel processors hit the market in 2007

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Intel announced that it produced what it believes to be the first chip Functional SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) using 45 nanometer manufacturing technology, its future process for manufacturing volume of processors.

The company says in a press release that it will be producing on a large scale using that technology in 2007, using wafers 300 mm. The objective of testing Moore’s Law to the limit and presenting a new generation of manufacturing technology every two years remains, he says.

«Intel has a long history of transforming technological ‘leaps’ into tangible benefits that users appreciate. Our 45nm technology will support the offering of better performing PCs for watt which will contribute to improving the user experience, «says Bill Holt, vice president and general manager, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group.

According to the manufacturer, the 45 nanometer technology produces processors with energy savings five times higher than the 65 nanometers currently existing. «This will contribute to improving the battery life of mobile devices, while increasing opportunities for building smaller, more powerful platforms,» ​​argues Intel.

In view of the intentions now revealed, Intel is building two more plants, one in Arizona, USA, and another in Israel, dedicated exclusively to the production with the 45 nanometer technology, which join another one, already existing and where they took place initial technology development efforts in Oregon, USA.

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