43% of children learn to use the computer without help

43% of children learn to use the computer without help

Almost half of young people aged between nine and fourteen who use a computer have learned to handle the equipment themselves. In families where this phenomenon is experienced, children end up becoming the most enlightened elements of the family universe in terms of IT.

The results are from the Media Reception Study presented in the scope of the II annual conference of the Regulatory Entity for the Social Communication, where it is also concluded that the perception of the country regarding the activities of the children online it is not always close to reality.

One of the evidences is that most of the interviewees use the Internet to chat at a chat, although 84 percent of parents believe that the Internet is a priority for researching information.

«Comparing the answers given by students and guardians is extraordinarily interesting. When using the Internet, children respond that they do it to chat or download music and parents are convinced that they use it to search for information and to support their work schoolchildren «, explains José Rebelo, coordinator of the study in statements to Público.

Forty-two percent of respondents also report using the Internet to post photographs or information and 11.1 percent admit looking for information about pornography. Both activities are of great concern to parents, as shown by 75.9 percent and 70.6 percent of respondents, respectively, or of great ignorance, as well as by parents’ responses to pornography. Only 0.7 percent percent believe that children use the Internet for this purpose.

The study presented at the end of last week involved 500 students and guardians.