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400 thousand waiting for Magalhães

Youtsu rules out influence on the definition of Magalhães specifications

The computer loading of orders for Magalhães was done only yesterday, a month after the Government distributed 3,000 computers and pointed to the delivery of 500,000 equipment as a goal by the end of the year.

The fact that just yesterday the processing of orders started, 400 thousand students are on the waiting list to receive the low cost Portuguese computer.

According to Jornal de Notícias, the delay is due to an error in the application forms filled out by the parents of primary school students. At issue is the fact that the registration form asks for the identification number of the beneficiaries, something that is not always possible to fill in since many students in that grade do not yet have an identity card.

To circumvent this obstacle, the services of the Ministry of Education and the Technological Plan have chosen to create a triple referencing that would avoid mistakes – school code, student’s date of birth and the school year they attend. The amendment ended up delaying the loading of the paper data to the computer system by one month.