400 million consult Wikipedia

400 million consult Wikipedia

Wikipedia currently has 400 million users, in the words of its creator «the most used encyclopedia in the world». The fact that it is an important access point to educational content is, according to James Wales, one of the factors that contributes to the success of the platform.

In its almost ten years of existence, the encyclopedia has thus become one of the five most visited sites, added the founder, at a press conference in Mexico, before participating in the Tijuana Innovative 2010 meeting.

In order to help facilitate access to information, Wikipedia officials are committed to expanding the number of languages ​​in which the data is available.

Recent figures, quoted by the press earlier this month, reported the existence of nearly 3.4 million articles in the English version of the online encyclopedia, which «translated» into a book would give something like 1,450 volumes, with 1.6 million copies. words each.

Without stopping to eat or sleep, and at an average of 300 words read per minute, the English version of Wikipedia would take 14 years to read. If the reader preferred to stop to rest and eat, it could take twice as long, newspaper i wrote.