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40% of company traffic used for recreational purposes

40% of company traffic used for recreational purposes

About 40 percent of companies’ broadband is being used for recreational purposes or applications that are in no way work-related, says a study by Blue Coat Systems.

The analysis also indicates that the heads of the companies are aware that only 60 percent of the calls paid by the companies are actually used for work.

However, controlling the company’s network is difficult for those responsible. The growing use of Web 2.0 platforms for work ends up mixing with a sneak peek at a video or a visit to profiles other than the one where the user should initially focus attention. In the end, traffic is generated that was not initially thought and time is lost in «extra-labor» tasks.

Another conclusion of the study points to the dangers that users’ parallel navigation can bring to the corporate network. Security attacks through fake pages are more and more frequent and the loss of confidential information is a risk that affects the coffers of hundreds of companies annually, explains the analysis.