4 formas de recuperar arquivo Excel danificado

4 ways to recover damaged Excel file

What can you do if a Microsoft Excel file with your data does not open? Is it possible to recover valuable data that has become inaccessible? How to recover damaged Excel file?

did this error appear? then you will need to recover damaged excel file

If you suddenly cannot open your Excel spreadsheet with your data, what are the chances of recovering it and what needs to be done? Unfortunately, this is a known problem with Microsoft Excel.

There are several solutions to the problem. You can recover a damaged Excel file just by trying all the available options.

Excel file recovery methods:

  • Using the built-in Microsoft Excel recovery function;
  • Opening the file with OpenOffice;
  • Using an online service;
  • Recover with third-party tools.

In the next paragraphs, we will show you how to recover damaged Excel file in each of these situations.

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1. Using the built-in Microsoft Excel function

Recent versions of Microsoft Excel support file recovery. In the past, this functionality had no implementation or lacked the right implementation for real files. This function currently works for 10-20% of damaged files. All I need are a few steps:

  • Open the menuArchive;
  • Select the commandOpen;
  • Choose the damaged file in the folder it is stored in;
  • Click the arrow next to the buttonOpen, in the lower right corner;
  • Choose the commandOpen and Restore from the drop-down menu.

use the program's built-in function for recovery

Everything is simple and does not require special knowledge. For many users, this function is more than enough to restore a damaged Excel file. If you fail to recover your file with this method, OpenOffice.org can help you.

2. Recovering files with OpenOffice

Beginning with Office 2007, Microsoft Office files share the same format with OpenOffice. Which means that you can download and install the complete package from OpenOffice.org to try to use this to recover the file.

Attention: a file being recovered with OpenOffice must have a standard XLSX extension for Excel files from 2007 and beyond.

3. Use an online service

If options 1 and 2 have failed, you need special services or programs specially developed to restore data from corrupted Excel files.

There are several recovery services accessible online for Microsoft Excel files. The most convenient and affordable (only $ 10 per file) is available by clicking on the link!

upload to recover damaged excel file

Just upload your file to the service and wait for the result. Statistics collected by the developers promise a 40% success rate for damaged Excel files.

The key benefit of the service is that it works on all operating systems. (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and others) and all types of devices, whether computer, tablet or smartphone, among others.

4. Recovering by third party tools

If you have multiple corrupted Excel files or don't want to share them with others for security reasons, use specialized third-party tools.

One of these tools Recovery Toolbox for Excel!

The tool was developed and distributed since the early 2000s, offers a multi-language interface and retrieves all types of Excel files from all versions, going back to the now exotic Excel 97.

know the recovery toolbox

Attention: the tool works on Windows-based computers!

To avoid having to recover damaged Excel file, learn below how to protect documents on your hard drive!

How to protect documents on HD

No Excel document is insured against damage, no matter xls, and xlsx. If you have not found this, it means that you have not just worked with tables and graphs so actively. Most problems can be avoided. You only need to establish a backup in advance:

  • Open the Excel document;
  • Go toArchive, followed bySave as;
  • V forOverviewand click on the square button;
  • Click the buttonSerbian;
  • V for seoGeneral Settings;
  • Check the box next toAlways keep a backup.

In just a minute, you'll always have a backup of your critical file, but don't forget to leave documents on your USB stick every now and then. Only removable media can protect you from any computer problem.

It is also worth checking the automatic save settings. Make sure that the MS Excel settings are like the ones in the photo below.

check these options to protect your disk

Now you know how to protect your work from computer failures. But what if the document is no longer available?

First, check the size. Right-click on the document and choose properties, followed bySize.

When the file size is a few hundred kilobytes, and preferably several megabytes, the file can be restored. If the book has shrunk to a few kilobytes or less, the information has been lost forever.

A golden tip before we finish our article: keep the auto-save function activated while working in Excel. This will help to avoid situations where the computer crashes resulting in lost hours of work.

Have you suffered from error messages when trying to open a spreadsheet? Were you unable to recover lost file in Excel? Comment with us!